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I was getting a little frustrated with the uneven progression of character leveling in Telepath Tactics, so I made some changes. Sometimes a character would gain 2 Strength in a single level; other times, they'd gain 6% Dodge or something else not comparably useful. It occurred to me that progression in Fire Emblem is fairly even because characters never gain more than 1 pt in any given stat on level-up. So now I've implemented a similar limit: you still gain in two randomly-chosen stats on level-up, but now they will always be different stats.

Sorry for going silent for a few days, folks; I've been very busy preparing for the Kickstarter campaign. It launches in just 7 days! I've just submitted the page to Kickstarter so they can approve the project--once that happens, I'll be free to launch it whenever I like. (That'll be March 14th.) ;)

Updates! The project has been approved, and the Kickstarter page itself is 99% complete.

I managed to sandwich in some time today to redo the fog of war code; it's now simultaneously a lot more efficient and a lot less buggy. ;)

Updates! Yesterday, I fixed a bug in the fog of war, but mostly spent the day on marketing and preparations for the Kickstarter and PAX East.

Today, I took some time to update the alpha demo in preparation for the Kickstarter launch. I've added in a mechanic where some enemies drop money. At a certain point in the demo, you'll encounter Mad Aziz--if you've collected enough money, you'll have the option to hire one of four mercenaries from him to join you in subsequent battles.

The Mad Aziz encounter revealed a few bugs in the dialog system; those are now all fixed.

I don't know why I didn't realize this sooner, but it turns out I can't use greater-than or less-than symbols. It screws with the game's ability to parse XML tags (which are, of course, enclosed in < and > brackets). So I've changed the OnVal and OnStat triggers, as well as the IfValGoTo and IfStatGoTo actions, to use g instead of >, and l instead of < for greater than and less than, respectively. (Likewise, the game now takes g= instead of >= and l= instead of <=.)


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