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As I have some downtime waiting for Amazon Payments to finish doing its thing, I'm adding a new feature to Telepath Tactics: equipment! Equipment wasn't a necessary feature in multiplayer, but I have a hunch that folks are going to want it in single player.

Supported equipment slots: weapon hand, off hand, head, neck, torso, back (for cloaks /capes), feet, and one miscellaneous "accessory" slot.

You create equipment the same way you create ordinary items, but instead of making its useability type "triggered" you will instead use one of the following: "Weapon Hand" , "Off Hand" , "Head" , "Neck" , "Torso" , "Back" , "Feet" , "Accessory". When giving equipment to a character using the GiveItem script action, you can have the game auto-equip it by adding a third parameter, equip. For instance, this will give Emma Strider an Iron Sword and auto-equip it:

<Action>GiveItem/Emma Strider,Iron Sword,equip</Action>

Within any given map, you can now use the -E- notation to have a character spawn with the associated item in its inventory equipped.

This is the ordinary map notation for spawning an enemy with an Iron Sword and Bandages in its inventory:

--- Code: ---<Unit>0,1,Sabrina/Strider,1,6,Down,Iron Sword/Bandages</Unit>
--- End code ---

And this is how you can now tell the game to have that character spawn with the Iron Sword already equipped:

--- Code: ---<Unit>0,1,Sabrina/Strider,1,6,Down,Iron Sword-E-/Bandages</Unit>
--- End code ---

The game now remembers which items each character has equipped at the end of each battle, and auto-equips it at the start of the next battle.

When an item is unequipped, the game now automatically removes any attacks dependent on that item.

Attacks now have a new attribute called dependsUpon; this keeps characters from using weapon-dependent special moves when they don't have the appropriate weapon equipped. It works by telling the game when an advanced physical attack relies upon the character being able to execute the basic version of the attack first.

So, for instance: if a character knows Double Strike (an advanced sword attack with dependsUpon set to "Sword"), the game won't actually make Double Strike available to use unless the character is able to use Sword as well.

For attack dependency to work in this way, the character must not have the basic attack as a natural attack! Otherwise, the character will simply be able to execute (for example) Sword and all of its dependent attacks regardless of whether the character has the appropriate weapon equipped. If you want to make types of attacks dependent on equipment, make sure each of the basic physical attacks (Sword, Spear, Mace, Bow, etc.) is available only through the grantsAttack attribute of equippable items of the appropriate type.

Items now have a new attribute: requirements. This tells the game which characters can use (or equip) this item. There are three requirement types: race, class, and level. An item may use any combination of the three.

To create race requirements, type r:RaceName1,RaceName2,etc.; this will tell the game that any of the named races (and only those races) may use the item. So, to create armor that may only be equipped by Humans and Lissit, you'd type the following in for the requirements attribute:

--- Code: ---requirements="r:Human,Lizardman"
--- End code ---

Class requirements work exactly like race requirements, but they use a 'c' instead of an 'r.' This will tell the game that only the Swordsman, Spearman and Warrior classes may use the item:

--- Code: ---requirements="c:Swordsman,Spearman,Warrior"
--- End code ---

Finally, you can impose level requirements on an item using 'l'--if the character is below the level named, the item won't be useable. For example:

--- Code: ---requirements="l:3"
--- End code ---

To bring all of this together: say you want to create a sword useable only by Humans and Spriggats belonging to the Swordsman class, and only those of level 6 or higher. This is how you'd define the requirements:

--- Code: ---requirements="r:Human,Spriggat/c:Swordsman/l:6"
--- End code ---

Only characters meeting every requirement would be able to equip the weapon.

The past few days have been spent primarily on fixing bugs that had crept their way into the game; I've got them all worked out now, I believe, except for one particularly insidious one that seems to manifest when AI units are shoved onto a wall tile and fall. I'll try to figure that out by sometime tomorrow.

Also, a small thing: the "M" hotkey will now work to toggle between swimming and the actions menu if a character is in "swimming mode." (Previously, it only toggled between normal movement and the actions menu.)


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