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Another update: the game now remembers your Options Menu settings (music volume, character walk speed, edge panning, etc.) if you close the game and reopen it.

One final improvement: the Actions Menu now has a "Next Character" button. Not a huge deal, but its omission was bugging me.

The installers have been updated; download and update at will. ;)

I've added a new operator to SetVal in Telepath Tactics: r. This generates a random integer between 1 and the chosen number, then makes the variable value equal to that integer. (Basically, it works like rolling a die with however many faces you specify.)

You can then use that variable with IfValGoTo and NewScene to produce randomly generated encounters; you can use it for SetStatByVal to increase character stats a random amount; or you can use it to augment other custom variables with SetValByVal. Lots of possibilities there. ;)

New dialog action: IfValsGoTo.

This is exactly like IfValGoTo, but with one major difference: instead of putting in a numerical amount to compare to the custom variable, you instead put in the name of a second custom variable. The game will compare their values according to the operator you use, then jump to the dialog branch you specify if there's a match.

E.G. Suppose you have a variable called TrainingCost that you've calculated based on a character's stats, and you want to check a second custom variable--Money--against the TrainingCost variable. You'd use an action like this:

IfValsGoTo        TrainingCost,l=,Money,2

(That sends the conversation to branch 2 if TrainingCost is less than or equal to Money.)

I just fixed a bug relating to the Actions Bar. (It was letting characters act when bringing the bar back up after attacking.)

The installers have been updated with all of the changes of the past couple of days; download at will!


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