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Revival by Nelis

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Then why are the ones we kill ever reverse engineered, we must wait till we attack their base to learn how to make them.

Dorgon has the ability to talk and answer questions. Does that count as having a spirit?

Probably because of that memory issue: that is, Nelis needs someone to make the impressions for the soul to search. Plus, we don't know if any of the Energy Golems were destroyed, so there might be nothing for her to find.
Also, that is another point that hasn't been raised: can she revive hostile beings? Or would their soul impression be such that it will refuse to yield to revival? After all, in TRPG2 she only revived allies, and possibly neutral units, but not enemies. And even then, she couldn't revive all allies (cf Gen. Darkeye).

I don't think that Nelis is willing to give an effort to revive fallen enemies. Even if she could. She doesn't know if she can control them. Therefore, her efforts are better placed at reviving her fallen allies.

If it's a matter of control, couldn't we just slap a slave bracelet on them?


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