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Hero's Gender

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Steel Ersatz Man:
It's a guy. He acts like a guy. Also, in telepath rpg 2, you act like a boy in all your responses and Gamblin' Jack calls you kid. And, he's the kinda guy who wouldn't be friends with a girl. And, the character's got fairly short hair.

Well, Ersatz Man, to you the Main can be a guy, but, apparently, female members of the forums said (back in the day), that they certainly have no trouble identifying the Main as a girl. Gamblin' Jack's responses fit his character, who may easily not take a roughly 17 year old seriously or see him/her as a man or woman, yet. Hence the responses. About hair-do, well, that's really not much- a lot of women these days have short hair. Still, I guess in your fashion you have answered the question posed in the thead- you see the Main as a guy.

how come the hero can tell Griffin he is trying to score with Rahel if he is gender neutral
I am mostly pointing this out as a flaw-I really don't want a gay (literally) answer

Steel Ersatz Man:
Were talking about the hero of Telepath rpg's 1 and 2.

Though there could be another level of the story, Duvalier choosing a love interest between Rahel and a male teammate, like Griffin or the new spearman.  :D

I wonder how the Cult would take that...  :o


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