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New attacks for teammates

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how about a paralyzing attack for arman that lasts one turn and can only be used once per scorpion you kill
or some number dependant on the number of times you killed a scorpion, depends on how frequent CraigStern makes them in the final update

while sounding nice, that would be difficult to implement, while do-able, just annoying long to code.

Ok, then I'll add into formulated the poison attack for Arman, keeping the two names, as I, like you guys, have little preference for one over other (poison strike v poison stab).

yogc- to be frank, I think those new area attacks are a bit of a red herring: they'll take a lot of time to implement and they wouldn't be adding that much variety to game-play, so I am sceptical that Craig will be easily persuaded about them. But  let's see how things go.

Why can't Luca learn Cold Attacks like other ghosts can?


--- Quote from: Frosty on March 26, 2010, 02:37:37 PM ---Why can't Luca learn Cold Attacks like other ghosts can?

--- End quote ---
Other ghost are skilled in attacks, while Luca is skilled in supporting others.


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