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Where is the father?

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In TRPG1 Falstaff mentions that David "was able to warn your father that he was being taken west".  This is the only mention of Hero/David's father until David tells the Hero that they are the only ones left after Falstaff died.  This implies that the parents have died.

Very good question that. Unless CraigStern tells us, or we find mmore info, the most probable outcome is that the Main's father died during the 4 years of the Main's enslavement. As to the mother, there is even less information about her: was she even alive when TRPG1 started off? Also, is Unlce Falstaff the father's or the mother's brother?

I'd take a guess and say the Father's brother.

I remain undecided, what are your reasons behind saying that Zhamphir.

Simply because the mother is not mentioned.


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