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Topics - deathknight1728

My goal is to complete this game on casual and I think that says enough. I have never beaten a tactical rpg but I have played them enough where it might be possible. Blackguards was tough but gorky 17 was just flatout mean.

When I get some caps together I will purchase your game to support an indie rpg developer. This message is to developer, would it help you more for me to buy through your site or good old games?

Ive tried playing the game telepath rpg that I bought, but the problem is I have a tough time playing as a mage character in the game. I prefer when I play party rpgs like this to play as a ranger (archer) type character or brute force melee fighter type character. Will Craig ever make a game like Telepath rpg that has a great story but allows you to create a character instead of a mage?

I really like the story and everything about the game but playing as a mage/spellcaster is kind of lame for me. I like telepath psy arena but the problem with that is that there's no story. I cant be the only person who feels this way.
Politics / How you Know the World's Going Downhill
August 26, 2012, 03:01:32 PM
This might be a sign from the times and maybe its just me, but I highly doubt that. I go onto to see the news that is happening in the world on the internet, and Hurricane Isaac is on the last page, while Snooki's 1st born is on the 1st page.

This is pretty sad and I know that gossip has taken over media but it seems like the only news that is highly popularized is ridiculous negative news and gossip stuff to see which girl is more attractive.

What do I say to that? What about the stories that used to come on the news that had some man or woman acting as a hero. I liked a lot of those stories and even though there were few a few years ago, some is better than none.

The only news that happens almost all the time is negative sociopaths that appear in shootings. Its really a disgrace.

Aw well, I should think on the better side. Not everyone's bad. Still would like to see more normal things in the news though.
TSoG / Cant Switch Game
August 24, 2012, 06:48:49 PM
My pc doesn't have internet any more so I have to rely on my mac. The mac is fine as its practically new but Im having a problem with getting the game working. My email address that I used to pay for this game through paypal is supposed to be entered when I activate, but I don't remember how to activate the full game. I only have the demo for mac. I played this game a little while ago but never completed it.

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.
I have a few questions.  Will we be playing as one single character with other characters and classes as hirelings like arena, or will we be making a whole party. Frankly, i couldnt get into either arena or telepath rpg so maybe ill like tactics. I liked arena because you could make your own character but detested no story. Whereas i thought telepath rpg was good story, but i cant play as a mage. Will tactics be more like arena or will there be a singleplayer?
TSoG / Stuck in bandit lair
March 02, 2012, 11:08:08 PM
Im on the desert ambush 3 level and there is a rock that im supposed to capture or maintain the space. Ive defeated all the bandits except the ones above the walls. What am i doing wrong? There's a neverending mob that doesnt stop spawning. How do i win?
TPA2 / Problem with Downloading
December 04, 2011, 08:00:20 PM
I seem to have a problem. For some reason when i downloaded the game onto my laptop the game installed but for some weird reason, the game got confused and uninstalled it when i rebooted the comp. This sounds weird but i cant play the game now. I have tried bmtorder site and they are being uncooperative with the game. I would have bought the game with a cd so this wasnt a problem but unfortunately thats too late now. Is there anyway i can redownload the game, Is there something im doing wrong as i just want to punch in the activation code. Is there a screen where i can just do that?

If your mail program does not support clickable links, then go to A page will appear with a password and product ID box. Enter the following password and product ID in the appropriate box:

Any help is welcome.
TPA2 / Swordsman-Snakeeyes Attack
December 04, 2011, 12:30:48 PM
I read on the wikia that there is a snake-eyes luck attack for the swordsman in arena 2, Is that a good attack to get for that class or should i focus on the aoe attacks?
General Discussion / guys Rock!!-A Few Questions
December 03, 2011, 08:55:47 PM
I just started playing psy arena 2's demo and i gotta say, i like your game already. Always been a fan of the tactical based games, especially the d and d similar ones. I have a few questions.

-Is there any way i can buy the first and 2nd rpg games you guys made instead of playing it on the browser field. Id really like to give the games a shot, that is if they are a lot like psy arena. Either way, props go to the creators!