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Upon reaching the first battle in a new game, Emma Strider has nothing in her inventory; I've played through the same portion in the demo, and she has a sword. She is unable to make any attacks/set snares. I've played through long enough to get her a sword and given it to her; it disappears whenever she enters battle.

I've attached a log file from the first battle.
TSoG / Favorite Team
February 20, 2012, 03:12:45 PM
It's been out for almost a week and no one's created this poll yet? Weird.

So, just vote for your favorite team! (Besides Duvalier, of course.)

I think I'm missing one character, so if anyone knows who that character is, let me know and I'll add them.
TRPG2 / Spriggats originally Shadowlings?
December 11, 2011, 05:37:58 PM
In TRPG1, Noctus mentions a rebellion of shadowlings when you meet him. In TRPG2, Cerzak says the queen kills female shadowlings to make them 'dependent on her for survival'. Cerzak says 'us' even though he is a spriggat. So, were spriggats originally supposed to be shadowlings, or am I missing something? (Assuming Cerzak's dialogue was originally meant to be the dialogue of a shadowling)
TSoG Walkthroughs / Leveling Formula
December 05, 2011, 07:24:41 PM
So, perhaps you're like me, and try to find out how much gold it takes to reach a certain level of 'whatever' for your characters. What I mean is this: I want to train Luca from her starting abilities (Level 6 Psy Power, Level 5 Psy Defense) to 15 psy power and 20 psy defense. How much gold do I need?

I've taken to calculating exactly how much, using a calculator. It works like this-in order to get from level 6 psy power to level 7 psy power, it costs 150 gold. The next level will cost me 25 more. (Level 7-8 costs 175 gold) So, the simple way is to add them all up. In this case, 150+175+200+225+250+275+300+325+350. Just in case you can't do that in your head, the answer is 2,250 gold. Not impossible to do, but it takes a bit to type that all in. So, because I was bored, I decided to come up with an easier way to do it. And leveling formula. Here's the formula:

[(a)(x) + a((a-3)/2)] X 25.

Simple enough, right? Good.

Ok, I guess that requires a bit of explanation. Here's how it works:
a=The number of levels you want to train.
x=Your current level +1
You plug the correct values in for these two variables and you'll get the right answer. An example will help, so I'll use that formula to figure out how much gold it costs to train Luca from 6 power 5 defense to 15 power 20 defense, as described above.

First, I want to train my level 6 psy power to level 15. I want to train 9 levels, so plug 9 in for a. (The desired level minus the current level, or 15-6)
My current level is 6, so x=7. (6+1)

If we plug those values in, the equation becomes

[(9)(7) + 9((9-3)/2)] X 25.   To solve it...
[63 + 9((6/2)] X 25
[63 + 9(3)] X 25
[63 + 27] X 25
90 X 25

If you'll remember from before, 2,250 gold was what we discovered was necessary using the addition method. Now, to try the second problem...
I have 5 psy defense, and I want 20.
a=15, the number of levels I want to train.
x=6, my current level + 1

[(15)(6) + 15((15-3)/2)] X 25
[90 + 15(12/2)] X 25
[90 + 15(6)] X 25
[90 + 90] X 25
180 X 25

Just to check my work, the addition method is 125+150+175+200+225+250+275+300+325+350+375+400+425+450+475, which equals...4,500. Check for yourself, if you don't believe me.

So, there it is. Just plug the numbers in to figure out exactly how much gold you need to reach a certain level!

If you have any questions, or notice a mistake in the formula, let me know.
TSoG Bugs / Arman's Death
December 04, 2011, 07:57:01 PM
I just started up a new runthrough, as I've waited a few months to see what kind of new content Craig has cooked up. Anyway, when talking to Al'al, I bluffed and got him to accept my money, then I got Arman to teach me how to move faster. I thought that, if I took this option, Arman would live. However, I got past mission 4 (parents), and he has been killed by the Order of the Black Rose. Is this a glitch, new addition, or am I just mistaken in thinking this path let Arman live? (I killed Al'al later on, if it makes a difference.)

Also, if this isn't a glitch, how can I keep Arman for the whole game?