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Arman's Death

Started by Gath, December 04, 2011, 07:57:01 PM

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I just started up a new runthrough, as I've waited a few months to see what kind of new content Craig has cooked up. Anyway, when talking to Al'al, I bluffed and got him to accept my money, then I got Arman to teach me how to move faster. I thought that, if I took this option, Arman would live. However, I got past mission 4 (parents), and he has been killed by the Order of the Black Rose. Is this a glitch, new addition, or am I just mistaken in thinking this path let Arman live? (I killed Al'al later on, if it makes a difference.)

Also, if this isn't a glitch, how can I keep Arman for the whole game?


Sounds like a glitch, because I done the same thing a few times and Arman was alway spaired.


Alright, just went through a battle, and Arman is there. He is usable in battles, and trainable at the Nameless One's, but he does not appear at HQ and when I ask Griffin about him, Griffin has the same dialogue as he would if Arman died. So, it's definitely a glitch, but nothing major.


Quote from: Gath on December 04, 2011, 07:57:01 PM(I killed Al'al later on, if it makes a difference.)

Attacking Al'al after you've convinced him to accept Arman's money causes you to lose Arman; Arman shouldn't be showing up in battle. Thanks for letting me know.


I moved this topic to the bugs section.
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