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This issue is fixed for me in v1.047.  Everything is really small now, but oh well, it's working! :)  Thanks for the update!
I'm having this issue as well.  It is visible in this screenshot: which I originally posted in this thread:  I had this issue with v1.044 and still have it with v1.045.  It happens both in a wide screen or 4:3 aspect ratio, both fullscreen and windowed, both with scaling on and scaling off.

I wasn't sure it was a bug until I got to the mission inside the fortress.  At that point, I could move with the arrow keys off the top of the screen to squares that I cannot see and cannot select with the mouse.
I noticed another odd behavior, which may or may not be related to this, but is probably worth mentioning.  In any aspect ratio, I think the battle map might be cut off.  There are sometimes enemies standing outside of the viewable area, and I can scroll much further down than up.

For example, this is as far as I can scroll to the top of the map: and you can see the guy with the tower shield is partially cut off.  Additionally there is a bowman that walks onto the battlefield in the next turn from off the top of the screen, perhaps it should already be visible?

This is how far I can scroll to the bottom of the map:  In this case, half of my screen is black, having scrolled past the bottom of the battlefield.

Both of these screenshots were taken while playing in a 4:3 resolution (1400x1050), and with v1.044.
Ah, I found the post about how to make a log, over in "How to report a bug".  For some reason it didn't come up when I searched for "log".  Pressing L at the title screen didn't generate anything, so I loaded a game first.  The log is attached.  This was running at 1920x1080 in full screen with scaling enabled.
For comparison, here is the titlescreen when I run the game:

This differs from Thaecrasis' image in that mine is v1.044 (his was v1.042), and mine isn't cut off quite as high as his.
Quote from: CraigStern on August 30, 2015, 11:28:46 AM
Can you create a log when you first boot up the game, then attach it here with a screenshot? That'll help me figure out what's going on.

Sure, I can do that.  However, I've searched the forums and didn't find instructions for creating a log.  What do I need to do?

If it helps, here's what I'm running:
Telepath Tactics v1.044
Asus N53S laptop - Win7x64
Intel core i7 2670QM, 6 GB ram
It has two graphics adapters, and I get the issue regardless of which one I use to run the game:
"Intel(R) HD Graphics family" driver v8.15.10.2462 (not very specific, I know, but I can't find any other identifier)
Nvidia GeForce GT 630M driver v8.17.12.8548

Also, I noticed that if I increase my aspect ratio (w/h) I start seeing more of the title screen image.  At 1920x1080 or 1600x900 (16:9), it is cut off at the bottom of the knee of the character crouching behind a shield.  At 1680x1050 (8:5), it is cut off just below the boot cuffs of the pyromancer.  At 1400x1050 (4:3), it cuts off about 30 pixels below the toe of the character with the flag in the foreground (which maybe is the full image, and isn't cut off?)

With any aspect ratio including 4:3, in all cases that I turn off the "Scale in fullscreen" option, the image moves to the bottom center of the screen and is cut off at the bottom of the knee of the crouching character again, as with the scaled 16:9 scenario.  This is what is shown by the 3rd last image uploaded by Thaecrasis.
Quote from: Thaecrasis on August 17, 2015, 09:43:12 PM

The problem in of itself may lie in this image though, of the main menu after disabling, then re-enabling the scaling:
The screen is off-centered towards the bottom of the screen, which may be the problem.

I have the same problem.  I'm running at 1920x1080.  In this last posted screenshot, the game was started in fullscreen with scaling on, and then on the settings menu scaling is disabled.  The result is that you get black borders on the left, right, and top, but the bottom is still cut off.  It makes the game basically unplayable in fullscreen, as it's cut off whether or not scaling is on.