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General Discussion / 100 Members
« on: March 27, 2010, 06:55:58 PM »
Well This forum to celebrate 100 members in the forum. So to everybody who uses the forums and to everyone who is going to sign up for the forums cheers, to the first milestone in this forums history! Now, I will talk about my experiences in this forum.

When I first joined this forum I was quite nervous, having being on the old forums continuity but seeing that the most active member had already had around 1000 posts I thought my opinion would be counted less. Once I saw these forums and the amount of posts in the forum, I thought might as well join. The first post I did was in the enemy ideas and I had proposed elves which to my sadness were brutally rejected. I thought then that maybe this forum didn't need me, but I continued to post and submit my ideas. After awhile (around 50 posts) people started to realize this member wasn't going to quit these forums and I must say, some members have grown on me. Today, whoever, I am one of the top posters on the forum and constantly give encouraging feedback to everyone. I am know to some of the member as "Lord Canada". I know most of the other members and what to expect and I have made some new "friends" to put it in such terms. I hope more members will join soon, as I am being to feel like a old timer here  :P  

Anyway, Cheers to 100 Members!

Forum Games / RTD Story
« on: March 22, 2010, 03:02:08 PM »
This is the list of characters that are in the game so far. If you want out, or you don't respond within a week of this forum being posted your character will be saved but will not be part of the adventure. If any changes must be made EMAIL me, do not write in this forum the change. It will be made.



Psy Fighter


Psy Power:       9
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    8    
Personality:      9
Aptitude:         10    

Mind Blast:       2
Mind Shield:      1
Light Blast:       1

S. Skill:
Clairvoyance, Provide Light   



Red Spriggat:
Psy Fighter (Fire)   

Psy Power:      15
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    9    
Personality:      5
Aptitude:         7   

Mind Blast:       1    
Fire Breath:      2
Wall of Fire:      1

S. Skill:
Flying, Craft/Appraise   


Mikiea Uinop   

Gelf Fighter   

Psy Power:     n/a
Power:             7
Psy Defence:   10    
Personality:      0
Aptitude:         19

Dagger:             2
Claws:               2

S. Skill:
Climbing, Smithing   



Psy Fighter (Ice)   

Psy Power:      12
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:   12    
Personality:      7
Aptitude:          5   

Mind Blast:       2
CryoBlast:        2

S. Skill:
Drop Temperature   


C. Maome   

Untrained Psy   

Psy Power:     n/a
Power:              6
Psy Defence:   10    
Personality:     10
Aptitude:         10   

Sword:              2            
Backhander:     1
Sword Throw:  1

S. Skill:
Throwing Sword + Return   



Shadowling Assassin (Shadow)
Psy Power:      11
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:   10    
Personality:      4
Aptitude:         11   

Mind Blast:       2
Shadow Port:    1
Shadow Blast:   1

S. Skill:
Stun Enemies   


Othren Barak
A.K.A: The Wraith   

Psy Assassin (Shadow)   

Psy Power:      12
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    9    
Personality:      7
Aptitude:          8   

Mind Blast:        2
Leap:               1
Shadow Blast:    1

S. Skill:
Lock Picking, Sneaking   



Dark Spriggat:
Psy Fighter (Shadow)

Psy Power:      6
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    6
Personality:      12
Aptitude:          12

Mind Blast:       1
Dark Breath:    
Dark Shield:      1  

S. Skill:
Improved Dark Resistance


Human Performer (Light)

Psy Power:      0
Power:            n/a
Psy Defence:    12
Personality:      12
Aptitude:          12

Trick:                2
Illusion:             2  

S. Skill:
Performing (for money)

Ersatz Man

TSoG Wish List / Mounteds Guardsmen and Glares
« on: March 20, 2010, 07:04:04 PM »
Mounted Guardsmen

The Guardsmen of Rubat (or any or place) have been training Glares so that they could ride on. After many generation of breeding and interaction between Humans, these Glares now letís humans mount and ride them.

Health: 30
Speed: 4
PsP: 0
Attacks: Melee (Range 1, Cost 0, Attack 14) Counter Attack (Range 1, Cost 0, Attack 14)
Immunity: None
Resistance: None


It is a sort of Sand Spider. It is as highly smooth and polished hooves (like that of a horse) but it is more square based, sort of like the shadow bug but these bugs are different in nature. They do not work together or have a queen; they simply act as lone predators, sort of like The great white shark. They only way you could get these animals to attack you would be to find one in the desert and you provoke it or it has been order to attack you by its owner.

The Bug can move so quickly over terrain is its weight is distributed evenly throughout its body, and it is very light, only 80 pounds. However a lot of that weight is muscle in its legs and back, so it can carry people and still move fast.

Health: 20
Speed: 4
PsP: 0
Attacks: Melee (Range 1, Cost 0, Attack: 10)
Immunity: None
Resistance: None

TSoG Wish List / Allies, Neturals, and 2 Enemies!
« on: March 20, 2010, 01:46:04 PM »
I was thinking for TSoG that there should be 3 new ideas added into the battle system:


Maybe for Some missioms you shoud have a a group of different people working on your team but you do not control these guys. They fight along side you and attack the enemies, they would be like the enemy A.I. execpt they would help you!


Also you could have some enemies that would just run around the stage only fightin people you hit them first. This would be possible if you had a battle in the middle of the streets of a town and their were still civilians were you fighting. I know this idea has been mentioned before, but I am just bringing it up.

Another Enemy

Lets say for example that you walk into a guard camp, and they are already being attacked by some bandits, instead of choosing sides, you would be thown into the battle, where you would have to fight both enemies, but here's the catch, the enemies will attack each other (team one an team two).

Thoughts People?

General Discussion / Next Telepath RPG
« on: March 10, 2010, 12:31:09 PM »
I was thinking about the ending of Servants of God when a sad thought washed over me. What will happen to the Telepath RPG seris. So I created this forum for people to discuss their thoughts on what they think the next Telepath RPG will be.

Or when Craig gets some time to think about it, he can tell us what he thinks the next one will be

What I think the next Telepath will be the same characters but this time their in a world where the hero of chapters 1 and 2 stayed loyal to Tastian and you go on quests around that sort of thing.

TRPG2 / Suggestions for missing TRPG2 endings
« on: March 04, 2010, 09:51:18 PM »
Poor Dorgon. Well Here My Ending

Destroy Psy Acadmeny:

After proving that he was a better version than his fellow energy golems. The Queen decided to mass produce Dorgon as part of the new war machiene. He is now feared throughout the world of archers as he leads the Dorgon Combat Unit into battle.

Kill Queen:

After Dorgon was no longer needed for war purposes, Main gave Dorgon to Helna and was incorperated him into the Helanites. His model is now being used as the energy golem of the Helnaites.


Dorgon was seen by very few people, and barely anyone knew him. Many people have tried to rebuild dorgon but with his plans buried with him, none of the atempts have succeded

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