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Topics - Zackirus

TSoG / Ravinale Recruitment Mission
January 03, 2012, 12:47:42 PM
Quote from: Craig Stern[A] recruitment mission in Ravinale whose success will be affected by your reputation among the populace...

What factors do you guys think will contribute towards the Ravinale people joining the resistance? I drew up a quick list...

For Sure:

- Mission Four: Endings (Postive / Negative)

Most Likely:

- Achmed: Helping With Bandits (Neutral / Positive)
- Librarian: Retrieving Books (Negative / Neutral / Postive)


- Dayn: Money Problems (Negative / Neutral / Postive)
- Mahboob/Rayhana/Wadi: Family Issues (M: Negative / Neutral / Postive; R: Neutral; W: Negative / Neutral)
- Halam: Psy Hater (Negative / Neutral)
- Bartender: Property Damage (Negative / Neutral)
- Beggar - Ravinale Market: Cultist Beggar (Negative / Neutral / Postive)
- Mission Five: Defeated D'Kah (Neutral / Positive)


- Beggar - Ravinale Docks: Sleeping Beggar (???)

Any other idea on where "loyality" points could come from?

TSoG / Speculation On The Last Acolyte
November 08, 2011, 08:20:48 PM

Malekahin -> *Unknown* -> Hakim

I was thinking that judging by his clothes, the middle Acolyte seems to be a politician of some sort, which blends nicely with the preacher/judge combo.

Continuing on that note; the Judge seems to look forward and analyze future possiblities, which tailors towards Light-Based Abilities; and because only one option is left; the mystery man would be have Cyro based powers.

What do you guys think though, what occupation or role/affinity does this mystery Acolyte have?
TSoG / Telepathy Imagery?
September 15, 2011, 04:51:19 AM
We all know that Psy can communicate telepathically by being able to read the thoughts of others and transmit their own.

With that, do you then think it is possible for a Telepath to imagine an image or a picture in his/her head and then send it to however he/she is communicating with?
Quote from Newgrounds:

I got in a fight with some smartass demon who was pissed that I came in his so called house, there isn't even a bathroom for christ sakes. And then to make matters worse I obviously talked back to him because I don't back down to jerks and so he challenges me to a fight. I have no choice but to fight him and he beats living hell out of me. There was absolutely no way for me to run away from him so I just kind of stood there and hoped he would show mercy on me. Nope, he killed me.

Long story short I found no reason to save the game 5 minutes in and it came back to bite me on the ass, this game wasn't worth the load time and the 40 clicks for a decent attribute set. I have a small list of ways you can probably improve on the next game if you actually want to maybe try next time.

1. Make the character more 3d, even after 5 minutes i got tired of looking at my dudes head, lame.

2.Make it so you get around 400 attribute points to begin with, this way you know your a winner and you can kick smartass demons who don't know their place

3.Make it impossible to die. This is pretty important, mostly to people who don't want to start over.

4. Nudity

5. A really big sword, this is always a must in RPGs. Do you like FF7? yea, its because of the bad ass sword. Look into maybe recreating the buster sword.

6. I hate tutorials, and so does everyone else. Incorprate it into the game using some kind of reward system like in Fable.

7. Make all the enemies women and children, this market hasn't been exploited yet so its fresh for new ideas and games.

8.Turn it into a point and click adventure, I love those games!

9. Maybe make it fun? I'm having more fun critiquing this game than actually playing it.

10. Buffalo Chicken Snackers at KFC = Heaven,

In conclusion, you have a lot of work in order to make your game more fun than games like Superman 64. but I think you can do it. Just make sure this time you don't design it using MS paint and don't steal the story from that whole, you know, Star Wars franchise.

Thanks for your time,
Yours Truely,
Mr. Disappointed

Craig's Response:

QuoteI think I've figured out your problem: TRPG2 is substantially more fun if you don't take massive amounts of drugs before playing. If you were playing while sober, you might have noticed that the very first thing on the load game screen is an "AUTOSAVE SLOT." It's kind of hard to miss.
Like im2smart4u's topic: Lizard Men, this topic has to do with all the other new units in TT. Which do you like, which do you want in?

[spoiler]Cavalry (scorpion riders)
Golden Spriggats[/spoiler]

TSoG / Final Boss Revealed!
April 09, 2011, 01:03:22 PM
The Final Boss Music has now been released and we can say a few more things about TSoG...

[spoiler=Are You Sure?][spoiler=One Last Chance]
Cygnus is the final boss and now with that it comes the truth in the title:

Cygnus The Prophet / Cygnus the Pretender

I'm Guessing with that, Yawah isn't real...

Anyone who doesn't want the game ruined, Don't Look! For those that want to discuss, use spoilers (preferably double spoilers).
General Discussion / Happy New Year: 2011
December 31, 2010, 11:05:03 PM
Happy New Year! Its now 2011 and the start of another year. What are your resolutions for this new year!
TSoG / New Character Portraits!
December 21, 2010, 10:02:13 PM
Tu-Da! The Images for our three new teammates, Qudssi, La'Man, and Naj. Please view them at your leisure and discuss. 

Warning: If you don't want to spoil the game, don't click the spoilers

[spoiler=Last Chance!]



TSoG / Poll of The Week
November 24, 2010, 07:39:36 PM
Welcome to the Poll of The Week, the newest poll(s) to Sinister Design Forums. What happens is that each week their will be a new poll up, that will be discussed. However, once the time has expired (7 Days) the poll results will be stored and a new poll topic will be created. The poll question could be anything about TSoG. Poll ideas can be suggested, once the poll has changed. Also, all arguments and discussion about the previous poll should end when the poll is changed. Remember to Vote and Discuss! I made a mistake with something on the old poll, so: the poll of the week will be restarted here, sorry for the trouble.


Will You Buy TSoG?
Yes: 0
Can't: 4
Maybe: 4
No: 0
Pre-Order: 6

What Ending In Arman's Side-Quest Did You Get?
Knife and Side-Quests: 4
Speed: 4
Personality: 0
500 Gold: 3
None: 0

Which Playable Character Will You Use?
Frost: 4
Red: 1
Spearman: 6
None: 0

How Do You Play Your Hero?
Offensive: 5
Defensive: 1
50-50: 2
None: 0
Other: 1

What Do You Think The Chances Are For The Resistance?
0%: 0
25%: 2
50%: 4
75%: 3
100%: 1

Do You Think That The Gods Exist?
Both: 2
Anu: 2
Yawah: 1
Neither: 1
Other: 3

Who Do You Think Is The Better Assassin?
Arman: 2
Malis: 2
Both: 5
None: 0

Which Boss Is Your Favourite To Battle?
Warden: 1
Amza: 1
Jabbar: 0
Fernatus: 4
Malekahin: 1
Al'al: 0
Tikki: 0
Thug Boss: 0
Radiques: 0

Which Race/Faction Would You Like To See An Expansion On?
Spriggats: 4
Pirates: 5
Folk of The Woods: 4
Other: 1
None: 0

Who Do You Think Is The Final Boss?
Yaweh: 2
Cygnus: 4
Nelis: 3
D'kah: 0
Other: 1

Which Mission is Your Favourite (TSoG)?
Prologue: 0
Mission 1: 1
Mission 2: 0
Mission 3: 3
Mission 4: 2
Mission 5: 2

What Affinity Is Cygnus?
Light: 2
Shadow: 0
Heat: 2
Cold: 1
Mental: 2
Healing: 1
Other: 3

Are You Willing To Trade For Luca'ra'il?
Yes: 1
No: 3
Depends: 1
Don't Know:3

Who Is Your Least Favourite Character?
Duvalier: 0
Griffin: 0
Rahel: 0
Set: 2
Arman: 1
Luca: 1
Luca'ra'il: 1
Qudssi: 3
Malis: 0
La'Man: 0
Naj: 0

What Class Is Rajav?
Spearman: 2
Spirit: 4
Other: 3

What Are Spirits?
[spoiler]Departed Souls: 0
Psy Projections: 0
Other: 0
Don't Know: 1

TSoG / Orb Transition From TRPG2 To TSoG
November 20, 2010, 09:56:05 PM
I been wondering this for a while, how did the orbs (which may or not have been in possession of the Hero of TRPG2) get from the places they were in TRPG2 (Orange Orb: Deeper Downs - Yellow Orb: Lake Alto to Orange Orb: Mahboob's Possession - Yellow Orb: Crypt 2). I personally think that the hero either hid them, as he saw their power and didn't want anyone else to have them, or he never found them at all. Forgive me if this as already been talked about, but I am curious.
TSoG Wish List / Save File Options
October 30, 2010, 11:33:04 AM
I was just thinking to myself as I was looking over my saved files for TSoG, don't you think their should be more options with your save files. I mean, why can't we delete and copy files in most other RPGs. This would clear up the amount of save files on one's computer and possibly prevent the player from replaying the entire game when they are faced with a game changing decision. Do you agree with adding a delete and/or copy option to save file menu?
TSoG / Behind the Mask
October 22, 2010, 05:34:27 PM
Now that you can ask Griffin about Cygnus, we have learned that he wears a golden baby mask. Why does he wear it? What do you think is behind the mask?

Well I'm pretty sure it is not a fashion statement but he is trying to hide his face.  I personally think it is something else because as I said their no need to wear a mask if you don't need to hide something and besides why would a regular human hide its face to other people's (even if it is distorted).
Forum Games / The Two Academies
October 15, 2010, 09:48:32 PM
Hello Everyone. This is the newest RP on the forum: The Two Academies or TTA.

Back Story

See this RP takes place 20 years after Shadow War. Now the first question is probably, which side won? Well both! See what happened was that as soon as the Hero killed Nelis, so much power was released it rewound time itself. It rewound to the time the Hero made his decision on whether to fight the Hero fought for or against the queen. However, the blast was so powerful it broke of the time line and created two separate realities. One time line, where the hero decided to remain loyal to the Shadowlings, while the other time line, is where the hero betrays the Shadowlings. Now you must also say that when the hero defeated Nelis the second time, it should have rewound time back to the choice, but here is the catch, the power released affected the other dimension instead of time. Now only time will tell what will happen to the two dimensions as the power released still lingers within both...

Side Note: Psy Academy was destroyed in the HL (Human's Lose or Dean Dead) dimension but 10 years after the war the Shadowlings rebuilt it and now they send the most powerful Psys in Cera Bella to it (no matter race) for training to become leaders of their armies. While in the SL (Shadowling's Lose or Nelis Dead) dimension Psy Academy is still accepting students (any race) into their halls for training of Psy abilities.

Here is something to help people understand if they don't:

Character Story

Now with creating the character in this RP it is a little different. See you do create a normal character but that character will exist in both dimensions. Now here is the catch and where to have some fun with this, your character can (it doesn't have to) act differently because of the influence of Shadowlings or not, basically it is like creating two characters. You can control them separately and choice to alienate one of the other  

Now rules with the characters are no god moulding or powers. Your powers are set to being in your cape level: Red, Blue, and Black. However, no player is allowed to be a teacher or White Cape because of the amount of power they have and it is unfair to lower Capes. Also unless your character finds out about the other dimension, YOUR CHARACTER HAS NO INIDICATION THAT THE OTHER DIMENISION EXTISTS (I want to stress that point). Also limited character controls, don't do any to radical, and try to be a nice person (to other players) meaning don't kill them randomly. Other than that have fun, explore Psy Academy, read books, interact with NPCs, learn abilities, drink beer and gamble, get a girlfriend/boyfriend, go on trips to the Deeper Downs and Somnus, and skip classes (if you dare!).

Character Template


Shadowlings Lose Dimension:


Humans Lose Dimension:




This is before the time of the Traten war so Traten and Cera Bella are allies right now. If a Tratenite *cough* Zack *cough* appears in the game, don't freak out in mass panic, dye your hair to match his and go kill people, or send assassins to kill him. [/spoiler]

Character List

Shadowlings Lose Dimension

Name: Zack
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter, he specializes in Crossbows, and he is around the Blue Cape in skill level
Affinity: Light
Bio: A Charismatic, Sarcastic, Smart Alec (in humourous situations) who was born in Traten. He basically acts like the NoHR Zack. Because Zack is from Traten, he has had limited contact with Cera Bella, so he basically acts the same both in both dimensions
Equipment: Backpack with personal belongings, berry water (his favourite), and his crossbow
Skills: Mind Blast, Mind Shield, Working on Light Blast, Crossbow

Humans Lose Dimension

Name: Zack
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter, he specializes in Crossbows, and he is around the Blue Cape in skill level
Affinity: Light
Bio: A Charismatic, Sarcastic, Smart Alec (in humours situations) who was born in Traten. He basically acts like the NoHR Zack. Because Zack is from Traten, he has had limited contact with Cera Bella, so he basically acts the same both in both dimensions
Equipment: Backpack with personal belongings, berry water (his favourite), and his crossbow
Skills: Mind Blast, Mind Shield, Working on Light Blast, Crossbow

[spoiler]Shadowlings Lose Dimension
Name: Zaron (I'm a bug? Why do I need a last name?)
Race: Bug (Lord) (Undefined Gender)
Class: Psy (would be about a black cape) and Melee
Affinity: Shadow
Bio: Zaron was human, once. But when he and accident occurrd involving the contacting of a Bug Queen went wrong, his mind merged with that of the Bug Queen's but leaving him many of his Psi Powers. He is very friendly with Shadow, Void, and Nymphs because they still see his current body as their Queen. Though he could send bugs to do his work for him, he perfers to do things in person.
Equipment: A body. A brain. A head. And several nymphs following it around to carry it's stuff. Clever isn't it?
Skills: Shadow Blast, Mind Blast, Midnight (uses the darkness of night to hide it)

Humans Lose Dimension

Name: Zaron Zalambanaan
Race: Human (Male)
Class: Psy (Black Cape)
Affinity: Shadow
Bio: Zaron grew up in a middle class family. He was moderatly skilled with shadow. But an accident involving the contacting of a Bug Queen almost went wrong, he became very reclusive. This inward focus spawned a hatred for other people. This hatred did not just destroy all relationships he had had but also strengthened his shadow abilities.
Equipment: A body. A brain. A head. And someone who's mind had been warped by him to carry his stuff. Clever isn't he?
Skills: Shadow Blast, Mind Blast, Midnight (uses the darkness of night to hide himslelf)

The Wandering Shadow
[spoiler]Human's Lose Dimension

Name: The Shadow (he prefers not to tell people his real name, John.)
Race: Human
Class: Psy assasin, Black cape
Affinity: Shadow
Bio: John is the kind of person who would kill someone as soon as look at them. He works as a mercenary. He keeps a condescending, detached air around people. In battle he is ruthless and won't quit until the job is done...
He is an orphan (his parents were killed by Shadowlings) raised by man who trains people particularly to be assasins and mercenaries. This has been rather traumatizing. (Ben was killed when Psy Academy was overthrown)
Equipment: His dagger, a flask of poison, and throwing knives.
Skills: shadow blast, feedback, knife, poison stab(am I allowed to have this?), knife throw, practicing trick shot.

Shadowlings lose dimension

Name: John
Race: Human
Class: Psy assasin, Black cape
Affinity: Cryo
Bio: John is very shy, but polite and kind hearted. He is very skilled and able to stay calm in battle, and he never quits once he sets his mind on something.
He is an orphan whose parents were killed by Shadowling Loyalists (maybe even the same ones in the HL dimension?). He was raised by a white cape named Ben.
Equipment: His dagger and a book (he's quite studious).
Skills: Cryo blast, feedback, knife, stab, studying Cryo Cross.

[spoiler]Shadowlings Lose:

Name: Frex
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter
Affinity: Fire
Skill: Higher than a Blue Cape, but not Black Cape.
Bio: Frex had a good life, for the most of it anyway, because the Shadow War had ended shortly before his sixteenth birthday, thus allowing him to hone his abilities at the Psy Academy in relative peace, making it much easier, but some front-end experience would've helped. He had a loving family which had supported him, and helped him in his studies. With their help, he surpassed the level of Blue Cape, but the Dean of the Academy had decided he was not yet fit to train as a Black Cape. Frex accepted the Dean's decision, but didn't feel he had much more to learn as a Blue Cape and was eager to ascend to the rank of Black Cape.
Equipment: His mind, and an old bow he uses to have fun or for practice.
Skills: Strong Pyro Blast, hardly developed Pyro Hail, and a moderate-leveled Mind Blast.

Humans Lose

Name: Frex
Race: Human
Class: Mercenary
Affinity: Cryo
Bio: Frex's life was miserable, for the most part, with the destruction of the Psy Academy a short time before his sixteenth birthday, he could only go to private, expensive, hidden Psy instructors. Though not much time was spent studying, but, if front-end experience helped, there was plenty of it, what with all the Shadowlings leaving no rock unturned looking for Psys. Shortly after the destruction of the Academy, Frex's family had been slaughtered by Shadowlings in a brutal and merciless fashion which had left them distracted enough to give Frex enough time to get away. With his family gone, Frex's emotions were fading as well, he had become hard, and realized the world for what it really was, a test, a test to see how well one can survive. Using the money he had been given in case his parents died and he was left on his own, Frex had found a private trainer by the name of Senz, who was proficient, and not too expensive. After many months of private tutoring, Frex had nearly perfected his Cryo Blast, his Mind Blast, and had just begun to show signs of being able to use Cryo Cross. After his training, he became a mercenary, and earned a living collecting gold for the destruction of Shadowling encampments, sentry posts, and sometimes some small fortresses. Even with his abilities, he still comes by and trains with Senz.
Equipment: His mind, a crossbow which he uses while sniping, and a dagger for close combat.
Skills: Strong Cryo Blast, strong Mind Blast, and barely developed Cryo Cross.

Shadowlings lose

Name: Cassiopia
Race: Folk-of-the-Woods
Class: Summoner (gelf only new class)
Affinity: heat (for blasts nint summoning)
Bio: powerful summoner, with a mysterious past which she refuses to talk about, with the rare art of summoning surprising all enenmies she constitutes a force to be reckoned with.
Equipment: a hunting knife, and a longbow.
Skills: summoning, which is a rare talent and only few can learn it. adept with pyro blast, and an excellent maksman

Humans Lose Dimension:

Race: Folk-of-the-Woods
Class: Summoner
Affinity: Light
Bio: powerful summoner, who learned summoning as a child by an old psy who survived the shadowling war, she then wen't to psy academy to hone her other skills when she became eligible, with the rare art of summoning surprising all enenmies she constitutes a force to be reckoned with.
Equipment: a scimitar, and a shortbow.
Skills: summoning, which is a rare talent and only few can learn it. adept with light blast, and an excellent sworsman


Yogc Elf
[spoiler]Shadowlings lose:

Name: Bob
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter
Affinity: Cyro
Skill: Has the skill of about a blue cape
Bio: Bob was raised far away from the Psy academy, and only learned of its existence recently. His family decided it would be best to send him to the academy where he could learn to control his abilities better, and be around other psys (there were some incidences of kids being knocked unconscious by accident), even though he is a tad bit old to start at the academy. Bob misses his family, and prefers to keep to himself for the most part. He doesn't make too many friends, but he is loyal to the ones he has. Once he gets to know someone, he can be very friendly.
Equipment: His mind, and a knife that he doesn't really use. From his father, sentimental value.
Skills: Mind Blast, and cold resistance

Humans lose:

Name: Bob
Race: Human
Class: Psy Assassin
Affinity: Dark
Skill: In addition to being able to use mental attacks, Bob can use a knife very well. Blue cape in the academy.
Bio: Bob was raised far away from the Psy academy and Somnus, and only learned of its existence recently, in quite a dramatic fashion. His family was killed by a shadowling a few days after the first psy academy was destroyed. Bob managed to kill the shadowling with his mental powers and his father's knife. More shadowlings arrived, and considered killing him, but in the end decided to keep him alive due to his impressive abilities. As a result of his past experience, Bob is very distrustful, especially of shadowlings. However, he does realize that some are not as bad as others after hearing them debate on killing him. He spends most of his time in thought, analyzing his surroundings and making judgments about people. He doesn't make too many friends, but he is loyal to the ones he has. Bob misses his family very much, but suppresses the emotions to keep himself functional, and to not look weak to the shadowlings. He makes very few friends, if any, but is loyal to the people he considers friends, or respects.
Equipment: His mind, and a really sharp knife
Skills: Mind Blast, shadow resistance, dark shield, knife, stab. Working on shadow blast. Fairly stealthy, but not due to any psy abilities. Despite his limited ability, he is a capable fighter due to having really good survival instinct.


[spoiler] Shadowlings Lose Dimension:

Name: Mike
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter
Affinity: Fire
Level: Black Cape
Bio: Mike was orphaned at age three when the shadow wars started, and has a long-bred hatred of shadowlings as a result. His passion that led him to the fire affinity derives mainly from this hate, as his affinity was first discovered when a group of shadowlings ambused an outdoor class at the acadamey, and he used fire to help fight them off. His current goal is to wipe out the loyalists with a group of similar minded Black Capes
Equipment: Standard black cape attire, and a knife his parents gave him. He occasionally plays around with it, learning the throw and stab.
Skills: Mind Blast, Pyro Blast, Pyro Hail, Mind Shield and a weak knife attack.

Humans Lose Dimension:

Name: Mike
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter, Assassin
Affinity: Fire
Level: Black Cape
Bio: Mike was orphaned at age three when the shadow wars started, and has a long-bred hatred of shadowlings as a result. His passion that led him to the fire affinity derives mainly from this hate, as his affinity was first discovered when a group of shadowlings ambused an outdoor class at the acadamey, and he used fire to help fight them off. He learned how to fight from the hardships humans undergo at the acadamey, and is a proficiant assassin. His current goal is to graduate, then escape and fight the Empire.
Equipment: Standard black cape attire, and a knife his parents gave him.
Skills: Mind Blast, Pyro Blast, Pyro Hail, Knife, Stab, and Mind Shield. His mind shield is weak however, he only learned it because it is a black cape requirement

Rainen[spoiler]Human's Lose Dimension:

Name: Rainen
Race: Human
Class: unknown
Bio: Rainen is a senior operative for an underground organization of psys who seek to free the world from the Queen's rule.
Equipment: dual wielded swords: Meggado, a sword that can channel fire energy; Luma, a sword that can channel light energy.  
Due to the nature of his swords, a fair amount of his power is gained through their use.  Without them his strength is a fraction of what it currently is.
Skills: slash(light or fire), double slash, whirlwind, pyro blast(above par), light blast(above par), pyro hail(weak), light bomb(weak)
phoenix umbra(desperation attack): a combination attack that heavily taxes the user.
by melding fire and light energy a blast of immense strength can be created and manipulated.
perks: the double slash and whirlwind attacks are half fire and half light based.

Shadowlings Lose Dimension:

Name: Jace
Class:black cape
Affinity: fire/light
Bio:Jace is a gifted student who is able to use a combination of fire and light abilities.
Due the school not uncovering the extent of his abilities until recently, he is far weaker then he could be.
Equipment: none
Skills: pyro blast, light blast beginning to learn pyro hail and light bomb, beginning to experiment with fusing light and fire energy.


Shadowlings Lose Dimension:

Name: Noxus
Race: Shadowling
Class: Psy Fighter of skill comparable to a senior blue cape, but not quite a black cape
Affinity: Dark
Bio: Noxus is a very active and energetic young Shadowling with a taste for combat. He had been in the Shadowling Army since about 15 years after death of Queen Nelis. Though he enjoyed his career as a soldier, the Shadowling Republic had not been actively engaged in any conflict (outside of itself, that is) since the end of the Shadow War. Sick of the lack of opportunity for rank advancement (having been only a first lieutenant for years) and generally bored with life, he decides to seek out the Psy Academy to improve his skill. After all, they were accepting applicants of all races now.
Equipment: military grade weaponry, a set of bouncy balls he can't seem to stop fiddling with.
Skills: Mind blast, shadow blast, basic comprehension of shadow port, spear

Human's Lose Dimension:

Name: Noxus
Race: Shadowling
Class: Tactician
Affinity: Dark
Bio: Noxus is, or rather, was, a very active and energetic young Shadowling with a taste for combat. But that person died a long time ago. After being drafted into the Shadowling Imperial Army at an exceptionally early age just 10 years after the destruction of the Psy Academy, he was exposed to the ruthlessness of war for several years. Because of this he'd already taken to a magenta shade. He found his skill set more in military strategy than actual combat and found himself rising the ranks very quickly, attaining the rank of major in only 10 years. His most recent order was to the Psy Academy. He had little idea why he was needed there, but it was probably something to do with protecting the dean.
Equipment: military grade weaponry, a stress ball which he uses all too often.
Skills: Mind blast, Shadow blast, Feedback


Shadowlings Lose Dimension:

Name: Ben Archid
Race: Human
Class: Psy Assassin (Black Cape)
Affinity: Shadow
Bio: Ben is one of the few Psy to have an affinity for shadow. He learned about it during one of his many trips to the 'Barracks' in Somnus, one of his favorite locations. He earned his black cape last year, and is looking to graduate this year. He's starting this semester late because he felt he needed some real experience, and Darkling, a friend of his, managed to get him a job with the Helenites.
Equipment: Himself. His mind is his only weapon.
Skills: A weak mind blast and mind shield, powerful shadow blast, and moderatly-powered Feedback. He's been working on Shadowporting in his spare time.

Humans Lose Dimension:

Name: Ben Archid
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter (Black Cape)
Affinity: Light
Bio: Ben is one of the best students at the academy, and is already being considered for leadership positions. He's starting the semester late because he was sent to join General Darkeye on a few missions against the spriggats. He enjoys strategic thought of any kind, and cares little about which side he's on. Some consider him a Shadowling Loyalist, and a traitor to the humans, but he has no preference either way.
Equipment: He has too much pride to be caught using anything but his mind.
Skills: A weak mind blast, medium mind shield, powerful light blast, and medium Feedback. He's trying to develop a light bomb, but hasn't succeeded yet.



Cera Bella

Psy Academy

The Story So Far


Shadowlings Lose Dimension:

Human's Lose Dimension:

TSoG / Invisible Box!?!
October 07, 2010, 07:17:37 PM
I found this invisible box in the south-west corner of the westerly building in the Ravinale. I don't know what is it, or why it is their, so here is the forum for people to discuss what they think it is.

Here you can find the image of my character trying to run into the box:
TSoG Walkthroughs / Knife?
October 05, 2010, 08:55:09 AM
Does anyone know how to get the Knife from Al'al. I have tried everything I know but I still can't find it. Can anyone help?
TSoG Wish List / Character Themed Side-Quests
October 02, 2010, 04:59:55 PM
I don't know whether or not Craig planned this, but it seems that each character has their own problems. By problems, I mean that they have things outside the Resistance and Cult that is still bothering them. For example: Griffin still has problems with his parents. This idea is that over the course of the game, each character will their own problems solved by the Hero. Perhaps, he will get a special bonus afterwards. Some examples of these missions would be:

Griffin: Griffin and his parents aren't really talking to each other, The Hero and Griffin will have to go save Griffin's parents because the Cult abducts them. Once you save them, Griffin will make up with his parents and he will be only focused on the mission.

Rahel: Rahel had some trouble back in Rubat, so when Rahel and The Hero go to Rubat she will confront the guy she was supposed to marry. However, the clan could be mad at Rahel and want to apprehend her. This would not only be a cool mission but you could get closer to Rahel...

Arman: Arman just ran away from the order of the black rose, and we have already dealt with Al'al. It is possible that, Arman first side quest was his Character Themed Side-Quest but anything is possible. 

Set: Set doesn't have a Backbone, so there could be a mission where sets learns to stand up for himself and take a leadership role. This could involve a lot of things as devolping a backbone might aquire a lot of thing. 

Luca: Luca doesn't know much about her past, in one of the later missions Luca could remember what happened (or a fragment of it) and want to go search for it. This mission would probably involve a lot of sprits.

Malis: Malis might need help with her shipments of spices into Rainville until they are attacked by looters and maybe even shadowlings. Her shipments would arrive by boat so it could bring back everyone favourite boat battles? 
Forum Games / World Domination 5!
September 27, 2010, 09:09:02 AM
Its Back! Everyone knows the rules of World Domination, and for those who don't:

1. Each turn add 1 to a country and subtract 1 from a country (show your move)
2. You cannot add to the country with 100
3. If a country reaches 0, remove it from the list and write below your move what happened to it
4. Don't change the point totals
5. Don't counter the move before you

Everyone have fun! The list of Countries are:

Azerbaijan: 10
Bhutan: 10
Côte d'Ivoire : 10
Djibouti: 10
Eritrea : 10
Guinea-Bissau: 10
Kiribati: 10
Kyrgyzstan: 10
Lithuania: 10
Mauritania: 10
Saint Kitts and Nevis: 10
Vanuatu: 10
Vatican City : 10
United Kingdom: 100
TSoG Wish List / The Golden Egg
September 19, 2010, 05:11:50 PM
The Golden Egg

Author's Notes:
[spoiler] I made this side quest from the topic Qudssi and Naj. I mentioned a magical chicken so here is he. His name is Buh'baque as suggested by Craig. This side-quest was made for fun and it doesn't really matter if it gets in or not. Now may I present: The Golden Egg [/spoiler]

Main Quest:
[spoiler] Kids these days, no respect for old people[spoiler]
If you go into the Ravinale slums you will find an old man in front of a door to a small shack.

1. Hey you sonny boy, do you think you could help an old man?
a. Sure, What is it? [Sends to 2]
b. I don't have time. [Exits Conversation]

2. Well, I lost my key to my house when I was in the Great Forest a week ago. I have too little money to get a ride there. Do you think you could get it for me?
a. Sure, why not [Sends to 3]
b. What's in it for me? [Sends to 4]
c. Can't help you sorry. [Exits Conversation]

3. Thank you, I will be in your dept forever!
a. [Exits Conversation]

4. Where's your manners sonny boy? You should help me, I'm an old man!
a. Fine, I'll help you [Sends to 3]
b. Leave me alone you cantankerous old man [Sends to 5]

5. Kids these days, no respect for old people.
a. [Exits Conversation]


1.b, 2.b: Repeats the same dialogue as before

3.a, B2.a : Starts the quest. Gives Dialogue B if he is talked to again
B. Have you found the key yet?
a. No not yet [Sends to B.2]

B2: Well I can't wait out here forever sonny boy.
a. [Exits Conversation]

5.a.,A.c: Gives Dialogue A.
A. Well, sonny boy is back, are you ready to help this old man?
a. Sure, why not [Sends to 3]
b. What do you want again? [Sends to 2]
c. Go rot in a grave, old man [Exits Conversation]

When you go to the Great Forest, in the top right corner you can see a small key hidden behind a bush.

1.  (You see a small bronze key; it is probably the old man's)
a. (Pick it up)
b. (Leave it alone)

When you go back to the old man, a new set of dialogue options open.

1.  Sonny Boy your back, do you have the key or not?
a. Yes, here you go [Sends to 2]
b. (Lie) No I don't [Sends to 4]

2. Thank You, I don't have much money put you can have this as reward.
a. Yes please [Exits Conversation]
b. Oh no thank you, it was my pleasure [Sends to 3]

3. Oh my! I wish that all young people were like you sonny boy!
a. [Exits Conversation]

4. I might not have long to live and I don't to live the rest of it on the street corner!
a. I'll find it [Exits Conversation]


4.a: Gives the same dialogue as before.

2.a: Gives you 500 gold

3.a: Gives +1 Personality

The screen then blacks and the old man moves to inside the house. If he is talk to again he says this. All dialogue endings lead to the repeat of the same dialogue

1. Well, if it isn't sonny boy! I am so thankful for getting me back into my house.
a. Your welcome! [Exits Conversation]
b. Is everything all right here? [Sends to 2]

2. Almost everything; except some chicken has roosted in my backyard!
a. Do you want me to get rid of it? [Sends to 3]
b. Thank for the info. [Exits Conversation]

3. It doesn't really matter to me, sonny boy.
a. [Exits Conversation] [/spoiler]

The Psy Fighter vs. The Chicken
If you go outside (there is a door near the back of the house) you are in some small garden (with a fence and a small pond). Once you go to the back of the yard you can find a chicken roosting on a box.

1. (It appears to be a regular chicken, sitting in a small nest).
a. (Attack the Chicken) [Sends to 2]
b. (Scan the Chicken) [Sends to 3 if aptitude is 15 or less, Sends to 4 if aptitude 16 or more]
c. (Leave the Chicken alone) [Exits Conversation]

2. (You ruffle the chicken's feather's feathers and it squawks. It looks it is it going to peck you to death)
a. (Defend Yourself) [Exits Conversation]

3. (It seems like a normal chicken. Its thoughts are clearly indicating that it is perfectly content on staying where it is. It doesn't mind your presence)
a. (Attack the Chicken) [Sends to 2]
b. (Leave the Chicken alone) [Exits Conversation]

4. (You scan the chicken and you're amazed. This chicken, while having normal chicken thoughts, has its own psy power. What is even more amazing is it suppressing it. It has also given itself a name: Buh'baque. This chicken doesn't seem like a normal chicken and you wonder whether bothering it is a good idea. You also find a huge energy source almost as great as the chicken's beneath it. You look down and notice some sort of golden egg!)  
a. (Attack the Chicken) [Sends to 2]
b. (Leave the Chicken alone) [Exits Conversation]
c. (Convince Buh'baque to leave) [Only appears if you have a aptitude of 21 or more] [Sends to 5]

5. (You struggle to convince Buh'baque to leave. You implant pictures of cold-weather coming but Buh'baque still doesn't leave. You struggle even harder and implant the picture of an ice storm coming. Suddenly, Buh'baque springs up and flies away.)
a. (Exits Conversation)


1.a, 3.b, 4.b: Gives same dialogue as before.

2.a: Sends to Battle 1.A

5.a: The screen blackens and the chicken is gone leaving the golden egg behind.

After Battle 1.A

Buh'baque is on the ground twitching and suddenly, Buh'baque gets back up and flies back to the box (Briefly showing the golden egg). Buh'baque envelops in a black light and the light dissipates. Buh'baque is now black and has black flames spouting from its wing tips. Buh'baque then starts ca-cawing (Audio) and the screen scrolls to the left of you. The screen stops at the fence and four chickens land on the fence. The screen scrolls over to the other side of the backyard, and four more chickens land on that fence. The screen scrolls back to you and you say

1.  This isn't good...
a. [Exits Conversation]

The screen then scrolls back to Buh'baque and he screams: "Buh'baque!" (A chicken call, not his name) (Audio)

This starts battle 1.B

After you finish battle 1.B, you see Buh'baque lying on the ground and he turns white again. He then gets up and flies away.

When you move over to the box you can now click the golden egg.

1. (It appears to be a golden egg, but at a closer inspection it is actually something else. You sense great power coming from it.)
a. (Pick it Up) [Sends to 2]
b. (Leave it alone) [Exits Conversation]

2. (You pick it up and feel and wonderful sensation. You feel as though your body is healthy. You look at your arms and you are astounded. The cuts and brushes from your previous battles are quickly healing and soon nothing is left.)
a. Weird (Exits Conversation)

If you go talk to the man again he says (Note this only happens once):

1. I saw what happened with you, sonny boy, and that chicken. I'm glad I didn't try to get rid of it.
a. It would have torn you apart [Sends to 2]

2. (He smiles) I might be an old man but I still have some fighting spirit in me.
a. Okay, whatever you say [Exits Conversation]

If you talk to him again after that he says:

1. Well, if it isn't sonny boy! I am so thankful for getting me back into my house.
a. Your welcome! [Exits Conversation]
b. Is everything all right here? [Sends to 2]

2. Yep thanks for asking.
a. [Exits Conversation] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]

[spoiler] Enemies:
Buh'baque (Normal Form): (He is an above average chicken, except he is holding back)
Health: 25
Speed: 4 (Flying)
Attacks: Peck (Range: 1, Damage: 6)
Resistance: None
Immunity: None

Health: 120
Speed: 4 (Flying)
Attacks: Peck (Range: 1, Damage: 15), Egg Shot (Range: -2[Like Griffin's Backhander], Damage: 30)
Resistance: Mental
Immunity: None

Chicken: (It's a normal chicken... that wants to kill you!)
Health: 20
Speed: 4 (Flying)
Attacks: Peck (Range 1, Damage: 5)
Resistance: None
Immunity: None [/spoiler]

Gold: You know, you buy stuff with it.

+ 1 Personality: Options up new dialogue options that helps persuade people to do things your way!

Gold Orb: Regenerates 20 HP a turn! [/spoiler]
The White spriggat represents Buh'baque in the first battle, and normal chicken's in the second battle. The Dark Spriggat represents Buh'baque in the second battle.

Battle 1.A: (Defeat Boss) [You Go First]

Battle 1.B: (Defeat all enemies) [Enemies Go First][/spoiler]

TSoG Wish List / New Tile Ideas
September 19, 2010, 04:35:04 PM
In this forum you can post some of your own Tile (for Map-Maker) Ideas. Please give a brief description of the tile, if it has any special qualities (I.E: Only flying units can traverse over it, nothing can pass on it). Also, explain why it would be necessary or needed in TSoG. The Top rated tiles will get added to the Formulated Tile Ideas (Which I am asking Ert or KZ to make if this forum become big).

Here are some ideas to get this forum started:

Boat Tiles:

Many people enjoyed the boat battles in TRPG2 (I know I did), so it would be only natural to add them to the tile set. Most people know what they look like what for those that don't, they are wooden tiles that have edge tiles to connect to the water (Un-traversable by non-flying units), a main cabin area (Un-traversable by anything), and some wood in the middle (Traversable by everything). 

Snow and Rock Tiles:

There must be areas in the near future of TSoG that will be in a colder climate. The same goes with Rock/Mountainous areas. The snow tiles would include trees/bushes, paths, ice, and rock adds on to enhance. Rock tiles could have rocks, sand, and snow to enhance the battlefield. The tiles would be like regular tiles (Traversable by everything) expect in the place of trees, rocks, and what not.

Water to Forest Tiles:

The Water tiles only connect to land via sand tiles. It makes it weird when you are trying to do a forest map and want to add water for a little stream and you need to add a sand to water tile to add the water. However with this tile, you can mix water and the forest without having to add in the sand tiles (for a small stream). The tiles would in the sand to water formations and they would be un-traversable by non-flying units.
TSoG / Qudssi and Naj
September 11, 2010, 05:34:18 PM
Craig has introduced two new playable characters: Qudssi and Naj. Here is the fourm where you suggest what they are (Race) and they are going be (Class).

Naj: It sounds like a Shadowling or Spriggat name. Personally I think it is going to be a Shadowling with some sort of different ability: I.E: (Niven). The Spriggat could eitehr be a black or yellow/light spriggat.

Qudssi: I think it is going to be either a Gelf (They can have names) or some sort of Golem. The Gelf having animals and other things. The Golem would be like Flint mixed maybe with Dorgon.