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TSoG Bugs / Re: Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist
January 27, 2012, 09:35:26 PM
- I somehow obtained the Crystal Orb and when I click the X it vanishes
- If you go to the eastern exit in Eastern Ravinale it gives you a text box with no text...
- I can't find the Ravinale Recruitment mission
- I can't talk the the trainer about each of my attacks
General Discussion / Re: Ask the developer a question!
January 23, 2012, 01:41:31 PM
What do you think is more important when designing a flash game: appealing to the larger group of less committed fans; or, appealing to the smaller group of more committed fans?
Name: Mark Goldwin
Personality: Cynical and Resevered
Likes: Logic and Intelligence
Dislikes: Stupidity and Emotions
Motives: To return to his simple life before he died.

I was thinking: Can my character be in a different section of Hell. I was thinking a place that was Cold almost if it was Antarctica or do I have stay in the Hell Arch-type?

General Discussion / Re: Ask the developer a question!
January 10, 2012, 05:48:49 PM
What's a "favor" cut scene?
TSoG Bugs / Re: Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist
January 05, 2012, 11:09:20 PM
- The Two Chests in Cyrpt 4 don't give you any money, they can't even open.
TSoG / Re: Ravinale Recruitment Mission
January 03, 2012, 10:55:07 PM
I'm sorry, I must have made a mistake; thanks for noticing im2smart4u. Ert, if you could kindly move this topic that thank you.

Back on topic: Does anyone agree with my impromptu list?
TSoG / Ravinale Recruitment Mission
January 03, 2012, 12:47:42 PM
Quote from: Craig Stern[A] recruitment mission in Ravinale whose success will be affected by your reputation among the populace...

What factors do you guys think will contribute towards the Ravinale people joining the resistance? I drew up a quick list...

For Sure:

- Mission Four: Endings (Postive / Negative)

Most Likely:

- Achmed: Helping With Bandits (Neutral / Positive)
- Librarian: Retrieving Books (Negative / Neutral / Postive)


- Dayn: Money Problems (Negative / Neutral / Postive)
- Mahboob/Rayhana/Wadi: Family Issues (M: Negative / Neutral / Postive; R: Neutral; W: Negative / Neutral)
- Halam: Psy Hater (Negative / Neutral)
- Bartender: Property Damage (Negative / Neutral)
- Beggar - Ravinale Market: Cultist Beggar (Negative / Neutral / Postive)
- Mission Five: Defeated D'Kah (Neutral / Positive)


- Beggar - Ravinale Docks: Sleeping Beggar (???)

Any other idea on where "loyality" points could come from?

TSoG Bugs / Re: Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist
December 16, 2011, 04:04:55 PM
- When you defeat Hellion, it takes you back to the Festus Resuce Screen in the first part, meaning, you can do the Capture Hellion an infinite amount of time.
- You can't click Scum after you give him to the boy
- You get no reward for giving him Scum either
Forum Games / Re: King of the hill
December 12, 2011, 04:23:23 AM
After getting Duckling and Ert their drinks, and distributing the pancakes. I send an invite to all other people fighting to simply make peace and enjoy the times at my house, not to mention the maple syrup ;)
Forum Games / Re: King of the hill
December 11, 2011, 06:35:45 PM
My Mounties still stationed in Timeline A inform me that another hill has come into existence. I then warp back and take another one percent of the hill so that I have the final part. I travell back to my own timeline and using my own hands combine all the hills in my collection to a super hill.

I have two options:

1.) Take over the Universe
2.) Distrubute The Hill Among The Peoples

I go with option two and use the hill's power to bring peace to my world. The hill stops all War, all Poverty, all Hatered and makes the World into a beautiful place where I, a simple man, take a glass of Maple Syrup, and raise it to the new Utopia that the hill has created.
Forum Games / Re: King of the hill
December 09, 2011, 12:39:27 PM
I notice that the Steel Empire is going to rise up again I get out my "Special" Maple Syrup and drink some, turning me back into my maple syrup form. I then collect all of my previous weapons from my basement and suit up. A List of Which:


- Night Vision/Thermal Eyes/X-Ray Vision/Ultraviolet Sensors (For eyes)
- A Respiratory System, that gives me oxygen (never runs out)
- A voice box that can change my voice (preset: my voice) includes Translator
- Gravity Boots (allows me to walk up walls and float)
- A Jet Pack (with infinite fuel) coupled with a Set of Wings
- A Shield System (defects mostly everything)
- A Hologram system (Allows me to change how I look [preset:old human body]) and a Cloaking Device (Cannot be detected by thermals)
- A In-Tangible System (Walk Through Most Objects/Shields)
- Auto Healing of Armour, Gear, and Myself
- A Screen that shows all the vital information
- A Time Machine and Dimensional Transporter and Teleporter
- A System that allows me to pick up to 20,000 pounds
- A Communications system (Almost Un-hackable)
- A Source of Food (Infinite)
- Space and Water Equiped
- A Infinite Power Source


- Canadian Hockey Uniform (Un-Penetrable and is able to morph into anything else and make me become cloaked/intangible [hides everything else aswell])
- A Goalies Mask (That Never Breaks, Provides optical information about everything and works a gas mask)
- Hockey Gloves that can increase my Strength allowing me to dig quickly and pick up heavy stuff (up to: 10,000 Kg)
- A Cape (Canadian Flag)
- Skates that can change their from (preset: Skates) (Ability to walk up walls and float)
- A Hockey Stick (Wood, Can't break, and cuts through most substances)
- Hockey Pucks, Different Types: (Explosive, Fire, etc.)
- A Lacrosse Stick (Can't Break, cuts through most substances)
- Lacrosse Balls, Different Types: (Sleep Gas, Smoke, Sticky, Flash, Freeze, etc.)
- A Paddle (Can't Break, cuts through most substances) Can shoot different Materials (Snow, Ice, Water, Maple Syrup, etc.)
- A Backpack that releases Robotic Beavers under my control that can eat through mostly everything (Backpack also plays the Canadian Anthem)
- The Backpack that is a Jetpack and a set of wings
- The Backpack can also transform into a robotic Moose (Car, Plane, Sub, Space-Ship, Dimensional Transporter, Time Machine)
- The Blue Nose: Fastest Sail Boat Ever! (Can't be destroyed, Includes Repair Centre, Only I or Robotic Mountie can control, extra defences)
- The Moose can be also be used to attack people (Lazers, Guns, Antlers, Gases, Etc.)

Robotic Mounties: (50 Currently Active, X Number Created)

- Assortment of different Weapons (Guns, Lazers, Gases, etc.)  
- Un-Hackable or Controlled
- Can survive in any environment
- Cannot not be easily destroyed (parts form back together if destroyed)
- Connected to my Un-hackable Commications
- Able to Teleport/Become Intangible/Become Invisible/Change Appearance/Talk in Every Language
- Can Fly and Walk Up Walls, Jetpack and Wings
- Includes Robotic Horse that has same abilities as Moose
- Infinite Power Source
- Look Like Mounties

Canadian Lair:

- Automatic Base Defences (Gas, Guns, Lazers, Oil, etc.)
- Requires DNA from Myself, Robotic Code, (Plus a password) or Myself Opening it to Enter
- Holds X amount of Mounties
- 99% Indestructible
- Can Fly, Teleport, Turn Invisible, Move, go into Space/Water/Underground, Go Through Time/Dimensions
- Can repair my amour and my gear
- Commications Systems are Stored Here
- Includes Lab and Area for Living and Infinite Food/Maple Syrup Supply
- Can Transform in a Giant Robot, with me controlling robotically or manually
- Almost Un-hackable
- Can Change Form
- Giant Computer Stores all Files, Plans, Can Control Most Technologies with It (Extremely Hard to Hack)
- Infinite Power Source
- Currently Located: Canada, Today[/spoiler]

I switch the cloaking device off of my house and move into my lair, activating 50 of my Mounties. I then use the lair to warp to another timeline where I can live in peace.

I walk downstairs and notice that I have 99 Bottles of Hills on the wall; that contain %1 each from different hill that has ever existed so far. I smile and go upstairs to finally enter the timeline where no one is fighting over the hill and land my lair where my house is. I switch on the cloaking device, disguise myself in my regular clothing and get out another bottle of Maple Syrup to enjoy.
TSoG Walkthroughs / Re: Leveling Formula
December 08, 2011, 11:34:42 AM
Just because it's fun to put everything into Formulas, Graphs, and Table of Values:


[spoiler]F(x) = 12.5x^(2) + 12.5x[/spoiler]



Table of Values

General Discussion / Re: Ask the developer a question!
December 06, 2011, 07:10:46 PM
Have you been updating the Game with all your recent Twitter Posts, meaning, the alternate ending to the Tikki Quest, a Somnus Quest, and Character Voice Overs + Pictures? Or are you waiting for one day, with one large update?
TSoG Bugs / Re: Telepath RPG: Servants of God buglist
December 02, 2011, 09:05:24 PM
Wait... how do you enter the labour site from the left?
Forum Games / Re: You're banned
November 29, 2011, 01:20:33 PM
Chrono is banned for not realizing that the timeline has branch points, and because of that, many earths have been destroyed because of time paradoxes.