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Politics / AI?
May 13, 2010, 12:31:36 AM
Lets say that some developer creates an evolving and highly intelligent AI (probably part of Craig's ever continuing trek to make TSoG more challenging). Now lets say that this AI becomes self aware and decides, for whatever reason, to take over a foreign country (lets say Canada, unless of course your from Canada. In which case, the arbitrary country is Finland). The worlds first response is the obvious "Oh my god, the horror", but the new robot dictator turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to that nation. Its technology and overall standard of living quickly flourishes and its people have never been happier or more productive. This robot dictator then shows an interest in ruling over YOUR country.

What do you think the proper course of action for your country should be? What do you think the actual response from your country would be?

PS: Is this topic based off a fever pitched delusion after reading the "Gaps and bugs in enemy AI" TSoG thread? Probably. Should that matter?
Politics / The underlying human problems of politics
April 24, 2010, 11:04:02 PM
What do you think are the largest problems with politics, political systems, and/or politicians are? I'm not talking about supporting or denying certain issues, I'm talking about general problems that affect how the government deals with all their issues.

For example, in my opinion partisanship is a problem that seems to plague most modern "multi-party" governments today. The goal in most governments seems to be shifting or focusing blame, doubt, and discord on opposition and trying to display their own views and values as the only acceptable ones instead of finding solutions to the problems before them (not to say that they don't try to solve problems, just that it doesn't seem to be the main focus of their efforts). Basically government is an election race to fill seats with members of your party in order to pass legislation that you agree with while all the other parties do their best to blame all the problems of the day on your legislation. Eventually this combination of one sided legislation and political maneuvering of opposition leads to a shift in power. The greater the partisanship in a particular country the more extremely one sided the legislation that passes. Which further outrages other parties and leads to further partisanship. Its like a weird balancing game where everybody stacks all their chips on the sides of a big wheel, but if one team wins by too much everybody's chips fall.

Of course this is an grand over simplification of the issue (and if you disagree with it then please feel free to put me in my place) and it is certainly not even close to the only issue the makes a play in the grand game of politics. It was merely an example of what I intended when making the topic.