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Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - Yesterday at 08:27:15 AM
- the bowmen in Battle in the Northern Stepwell will now all become aggressive once the player moves into the northern third of the map.

- fixed: completing Battle in the Northern Stepwell without talking to the bound character would result in that character remaining immobilized and heavy in perpetuity.

- AI fix: the AI could use items and skills with characters who were both immobilized and drowning in water or lava.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 23, 2024, 09:45:14 AM
- decreased damage scaling on Trueshaft from 190% to 170% of strength.

- increased the maximum range on the Photokineticist's Decoy skill to 3.

- decoys now have a tag that causes the AI to treat them as attack targets on par with other characters.

- AI fix: the game was not recognizing chasm tiles as instant-death spaces when calculating the value of knocking enemies in (and the danger of parking a character on top of them), leading to situations where the AI would damage a character in lieu of simply offing them.

- fixed: upon promotion, the game was overwriting the levels for any existing character skill progression, resulting in the character learning all remaining skills at once.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 20, 2024, 09:06:06 AM
Changes for version 0.6.31a:

- fixed: there was a formatting mistake in the new script defining how much aura characters earn while laboring which caused the game to treat everyone as possessing a base strength of 0.

Changes for version 0.6.40:

- fixed: the Drain card in Psy Clash stated that minimum energy was -6 (when in fact minimum energy is now -1).
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 19, 2024, 09:44:46 AM
- the game now keeps an internal log of the activities, events, and battles that occur each day!

- the architect now gets +1 range on Build Wood Barricade 2.

- megaliths now get +6 energy and learn Hold.

- increased the maximum range on Create Fire and Create Ice from 2 to 3.

- new script action: AddDayLog. Creates a log entry memorializing an activity, event, or battle occurring that day. Three parameters: log entry category, log entry body, and (optional) number of days passed (in case you want the log entry to reflect an occurrence on a day other than the current one).

- fixed: on certain occasions, the game could throw a key-not-found error when silently promoting an enemy in the arena, causing the game to freeze.

- fixed: the deck viewer would throw a range error and refuse to open if the player had more than 40 cards.

- fixed: page-flipping buttons in the deck viewer hadn't been connected to the function that updates the cards.

- fixed: the promoted bronze golem's stomp animation wouldn't play on accompanying skills if they weren't facing downwards.

- fixed: the game would display novice battle primers instead of weapon repair kits during the item sale event if weapon repair kits were the items chosen to be on sale.

- fixed: a hotfix from the last week had caused the Babble script action to stop working on dialogue tree branches past 0.

- fixed: sometimes, Psy Clash AI opponents would take their turn before registering that they'd drawn a new card.

- fixed: there was no defeat scene set for the Save Grandpa, Strikebreaking, or Duel in the Streets event battles.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 18, 2024, 04:09:57 PM
- rebalanced laboring to make it less effective as a substitute for fighting in the arena (particularly since there are multiple other options on the jobs board now). The energy cost to labor is now 50% instead of 30%. Pay now scales more slowly with a character's base strength--and past base strength 10, those earnings scale begin to scale much more slowly.

- cave exploration now takes characters 2 days instead of 3.

- painted new human male hairstyle: balding.

- painted new human male hairstyle: long and curly.

- painted new human male hairstyle: neck-length and wavy.

- fixed: dacoit pyrokineticists of level 5 or higher had an invalid skill because they were using the deprecated name "Melt" instead of Defrost.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 17, 2024, 11:05:41 AM
Changes for version 0.6.30d:

- granting a character only half their requested raise now inflicts morale -3 instead of morale -2.

- refusing a character's request for a raise now keeps the "asking for a raise event" in the hopper, making it potentially recur thereafter.

- AI fix: the game could throw a range error when processing swim-back-to-land moves under certain circumstances.

- fixed: sometimes in recruitment, the game would not revert to the current selected character's information upon mousing over to the left half of the screen if the selected character was from the right column.

- fixed: the Birthday Fan event did not remove itself from the hopper after running, but rather removed the Enthusiastic Fan event instead.

- fixed: due to a formatting mistake, a few two-character random events could proceed even if a second character wasn't available to appear in them, causing errors.

- fixed a typo in Ishita Svaamee's dialogue in her second visit event.

- fixed: the maharaja funeral event could trigger twice in the same day.

Changes for version 0.6.31:

- new skill: Place Caltrops 2. Range 1-2, tosses a row of caltrops onto the battlefield. Doesn't end the turn.

- Architects now learn Place Caltrops 2.

- changed Jump's after-attack behavior from Can Move to Use Once.

- Mantis Knights now gain the ability to continue acting after using the Halberd skill.

- when a Mantis Knight uses Lance, it now blocks access to Halberd for the rest of the turn (since Halberd is just an alternate version of Lance)--and vice versa.

- in Psy Clash, you can now pay 2 energy to draw another card once per turn.

- in Psy Clash, abilities can no longer bring an opponent below -1 energy. (Previously, the lower bound for player energy was -6.)

- in Psy Clash, the game now tells you how many cards your opponent has in their hand at any given time.

- added a copy of Gasul to the player's starting deck in Psy Clash.

- fixed: in Psy Clash, certain minions could block the minions behind them from being clicked.

- fixed: in Psy Clash, the Gasul's sprite did not display correctly.

- fixed a typo in Manbir Raksha's dialogue when reporting findings to him.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 16, 2024, 01:06:24 PM
Changes for version 0.6.30c:

- reduced the damage scaling on the elemental blast skills from 1.3 to 1.2.

- reduced the damage scaling on Mega Charge from 1.5 to 1.4.

- reduced the cost of Place Stone Barricade from 8 to 6.

- updated the description of Place Stone Barricade to make its utility clear (it can stop flyers).

- fixed: in some battles, the game could spawn two copies of the same character if a teammate was out wounded.

- fixed: the game was not letting Stone Golems throw item sacks over spaces containing other item sacks.

- fixed: item sacks would not collide with other units.

- fixed: characters learned alternate skills from earlier on in their base class skill progressions upon promoting, resulting in characters having too many skills (and reducing diversity among promoted members of the same class).

- fixed: the character screen always displayed 100 as the experience characters needed to level up even when characters had traits (such as Eidetic Memory) which reduce that number.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 15, 2024, 10:43:25 AM
Changes for version 0.6.30b:

- the blacksmith rescue mission now explicitly warns you about the time limit at the start.

- using particularly loud skills during the blacksmith rescue mission (Explode, Powder Bolt, Pyro Blast, Light Blast, etc.) now attracts guard attention, as does letting the guards on the northwest platform get in an attack.

- added a bowman to the raised platform in the northwest in the blacksmith rescue mission when playing on challenging difficulty or higher.

- added a safeguard to prevent duplicates of the same character from ever appearing in a roster.

- fixed: the game was displaying narration about Wailling inappropriately during the investigation due to a scripting mistake.

- fixed: if the Babble script action ran after dialogue text had finished animating (or after its animation was manually skipped by the player), then the babble sound effect would continue without end until the player continued to the next branch of the dialogue.

- fixed: the Halberd skill was using a "pierce" visual effect to accompany the attack hitting instead of a slashing one.

- fixed: it was possible for a heatwave event to trigger midway through the day, not just upon first arriving in the city.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 14, 2024, 08:11:22 PM
- reduced the greed constant for arena AI, reducing the score the computer assigns to moves that involve destroying chests and fruit trees. AI units will now only sometimes attack chests when out of attack range of the player's units.

- AI improvement: the game now scores the destination-and-facing back cover factor for a move relative to how dangerous the destination space is, preventing situations where the game overvalues a move because it protects the unit's back in a spot where no enemy is near enough to reach it.

- fixed: the Transfer and Transfer 2 skills were causing screen shake.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
Last post by CraigStern - May 13, 2024, 04:04:05 PM
Changes for version 0.6.30a:

- the two enemies playing Psy Clash at the start of the dissident's den battle now actually drop Psy Clash cards when defeated.

- fixed: the game could spawn a pop-up asking to auto-equip weapons or armor during the enemy's turn too, not just the player's.

- fixed: in some rare cases, a counterattack could be processed twice (causing double damage).