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Problem with Downloading

Started by deathknight1728, December 04, 2011, 08:00:20 PM

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I seem to have a problem. For some reason when i downloaded the game onto my laptop the game installed but for some weird reason, the game got confused and uninstalled it when i rebooted the comp. This sounds weird but i cant play the game now. I have tried bmtorder site and they are being uncooperative with the game. I would have bought the game with a cd so this wasnt a problem but unfortunately thats too late now. Is there anyway i can redownload the game, Is there something im doing wrong as i just want to punch in the activation code. Is there a screen where i can just do that?

If your mail program does not support clickable links, then go to A page will appear with a password and product ID box. Enter the following password and product ID in the appropriate box:

Any help is welcome.


If you ever need to re-download a game from BMT Micro, just send me the email address you used when buying the game. I'll then have BMT Micro re-send the email with the download link.