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The early access bug reporting thread

Started by CraigStern, February 18, 2013, 10:39:47 PM

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Using "Recruit Psy Healer" in Bases for Generals mode creates a null Psy Healer.  It's an easy fix, though.
When a flag is grabbed in Capture the Flag, the popup reads "Grabbed Swordsman".
Having one character pick up more than one flag in Capture the Flag mode, then clicking "Drop Flag" will cause one flag to be dropped, and the others to disappear.

Log files for each are attached in order listed.


I was testing out the attack "Laser Blast" with a new AOE pattern to allow it to hit 11 targets at once, as in previous games.  The AI used the attack correctly once, but the second time the AI aimed where units used to be and popped up "No Target".  I was then able to select the direction the enemy unit fired.


Two bugs:

1) In the "rescue a black Spriggat" mission, I didn't recruit the Spriggat after I won.  I won by defeating all enemies, and I took long enough for the "slow" effect to wear off on the Spriggat carrier.

2) My characters now have an infinite spawning bandage.  It started on Sabrina and moved to Scarlet.  The character has three bandages in their inventory, and when those bandages are dropped in the inventory management screen, another character is selected, and then the first character is selected again, they have three bandages in their inventory again.

Log file is attached.


New bug: when infiltrating the bandit camp, I can go to the second floor with the dice playing bandit, but can't travel to the third floor as the stairs transition doesn't seem to work.


Thanks! I fixed the second of those bugs yesterday; it should be in the next update. :)

You're actually not supposed to be able to go to the third floor in the bandit fortress; I should probably put something in the game that makes that clearer.

I'll look into that second one with not recruiting Meridian, though!

Lord Mu

I was for many weeks unable to update the game, keeping getting "error #0". I uninstalled the game, but now cannot reinstall it, keeping getting "error #0".


Ah! That one is actually covered on the site's FAQ:

Quote6. I'm trying to install a game, but it keeps giving me Error #0. How do I fix that?

According to Adobe, you can take care of that by using this Microsoft utility, then uninstalling Adobe AIR from your system, then downloading the latest version of AIR and installing it again.


In the battle against Archos, Sabrina and any character to the right and below her die upon deployment.


Not so much a bug, but the OnLoaded trigger isn't listed in the manual.

Something interesting, to me: The game takes significantly longer to load NameSelection.xml (slightly modified from the one I PMed you a few months ago) every time I enter it.  It takes a few seconds the first time, longer the second time, and a very long time after that.  I've attached the log file from the second run.


Using very low RGB values in the <Light> do not show up, even with a high intensity value.


The manual is missing documentation regarding naming branches and the use of BNAME[].


1. Pre-Bug Conditions - Unsure of the map name, but it is the map with the long stone bridge and first encounter with enemy mechanics, spriggats, and mentalists(image attached). Emma Strider had been attacked by a few dark spriggats and kinetically pulled into water, so she had several "Slowed" and "Softened" statuses (maybe this is another bug on its own). The following turn I had her swim out of the water, continued the rest of my turn, and the next turn is where the bug occurred.

2. Bug Description - After playing through about 10ish turns, I hovered over Emma Strider, the info box popped up, and then the screen froze. The music continued playing in the background for a few seconds until it also froze and sounds like its gargling null errors. A log file is attached from the time of the bug, and an image shows where the screen froze.

Game Version 0.456 (last downloaded 3/4/15)


You can't use ID tags in place of a character name when using -STAT:name,stat- in dialog.

I can't seem to get a character to retain it's name change, even though it was added to a roster and was currently on the map when the change occurred.  It will stick through that map, but revert to it's original once a new map is loaded.


Hello again. I'm running into a somewhat depressing bug in the campaign right now. During the mission where Sabrina is helping Emma escape from the fortress, when the bridge is supposed to be lowered, nothing actually happens: when you click after the guard finishes his dialogue, you hear the sound of splashing water but the dialogue box doesn't go away; when you click again, the dialogue box disappears but there's no stone bridge to be seen, and after that, it's pretty much impossible to select your characters and you have to abandon the mission. I've attempted this mission at least three times with version 0.456 and once more with version 0.899 and the outcome has been the same every time. Can you help? I'd like to see more of the completed game!


Thanks Tunnelmaster! Just fixed it; I'll have it in the next update sometime tonight. :)