1. Who is Sinister Design?

At the moment, Sinister Design is a one-man outfit consisting of Craig Stern, plus whatever contractors he chooses to bring on board.

2. Do you write your own music / code / dialogue?

Yes to code and dialogue; I often do my own music as well, but sometimes I work with other composers.

3. Will you release another free game?

I’m focused primarily on paid games right now.

4. When are you going to finish the game–you know, that one game that I’m waiting for you to finish?

It’s generally impossible to know with any precision when a game is going to be complete. If I have a guess, however, I’ll most likely have posted it on the forums.

5. I’m stuck on this one mission in one of your games…

Check the wiki–there is a Walkthroughs page that links to a walkthrough for every mission in every game I make. If you can’t find it there, check the forums.

6. I’m trying to install a game, but it keeps giving me Error #0. How do I fix that?

According to Adobe, you can take care of that by using this Microsoft utility, then uninstalling Adobe AIR from your system, then downloading the latest version of AIR and installing it again.

7. I’m trying to install a game, but it says the installer is damaged. How do I fix that?

First, make sure your antivirus software isn’t messing with the installation. (McAfee, especially, is notorious for this.) Disable your antivirus software and then try installing. If that doesn’t fix it, usually it’s because the installer didn’t download fully; delete it and try downloading it again. If that didn’t work, you may need to download the latest version of AIR. If all else fails, try setting your system clock back a few years and running the installer (you can safely set it back to the correct year once installation is complete).

8. Can I make a Let’s Play / video review / first impressions video of one of your games?

Yes! Please do. I give blanket permission for anyone to stream, record, or otherwise make videos of my games. What’s more, I also give blanket permission to monetize those videos. My only request is that if you monetize video of one of my games, that you include a link back to the game’s official page so that interested viewers can buy it for themselves.

9. How do I capture video of your games?

For videos, I recommend using FRAPS or CamStudio. To capture video of Telepath games in FRAPS without dropping frames, turn on “Monitor Aero desktop” / “Monitor Windows desktop” in the General tab. (You’ll probably need to crop the video later if you recorded the whole desktop; there’s a variety of free software that can do this for you, like OpenShot.)

For streaming, OBS is pretty solid–Twitch.tv has a good tutorial on how to set it up and use it.

10. I want your advice on designing mechanics in my own game. Can you help me?

Perhaps! Email me to discuss my current availability and consultancy rates.

11. Will you have my children?

No–I can’t. I don’t have a womb. Unless you mean that you already have children, and you want to give them to me…in which case, the answer is still no.

12. A rabbi, a priest and a circus bear all walk into a bar–

That’s not even a question.

13. You’re right. I’m sorry.

This FAQ is over.