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King of the hill

Started by Mopman, February 04, 2010, 02:43:06 PM

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In your attempt to confuse me, I smack you with THREE live trouts and then make you eat them. Just as an incentive.

Still our hill!


I download MCedit then use it to make your bedrock disappear into thin air, along with all your precious mob spawners. I rebuild the hill out of dirt (for those of you who don't play Minecraft, that means earth). Being a multiplayer server which I hacked and am therefore an Admin, I spawn diamond armor, a diamond sword and a bow with lots of arrows (along with some stackable golden apples for my health), and decimate all remaining monsters. I then use a mod to reset your spawn underground, in a  hollow bedrock cube which I created. I then use the /kill command to get rid of all of you, and you remain trapped. In case any of you are ops, I use the /deop command to strip you of your powers. After that, I bulid a magnificent bedrock castle on top.

My hill. :P


I be a ghost along with SEM (Steel Ersatz Man), so we escape the server, and come back a week later with a hack that allows us to boot the admin (you), and we then assume command of the server, and free Buggy by /killing him after resetting his spawn point above ground.

Our Hill and castle. :P


It happens to be that by boot, you just kick me from the server. I come back, kick ALL of you from it, and then ban you all. And be warned, my castle is no ordinary castle ;).


Ah ha! But I can't be contained. Want to know what I did on the hill before you trapped me? I placed a /home on it. So I can spawn into safety and warp my way back to the hill whenever I please. I then wrestle back control of the server from you via hacking and set up a blacklist. I then put this user on it. I then add multiple anti griefing plugins including, but not limited to, Permissions and MCban. As I am now admin again, I change the server IP to something completely different than what it was, and inform Steel Ersatz Man and Duskling of the new IP address. I then remake the hill into one of sandstone and place it in the center of a massive underground city protected in all directions by bedrock and turn off all mob spawning inside the giant box. I then make sure that the only way in is by being teleported by the Admin or an Op. Speaking of which, I Op Duskie and Ersatz Man. Then I spawn in the materials for a farm, and a man made industrial forest. I then also give myself some lava tiles and water tiles and create a cobblestone generator. Oh! And I illuminate the entire place using strategically placed glowstone and lit netherrack. I then remove your castle from the hill and decorate the hill with carefully placed colorful wool and redstone torches. I then wire the entire place with hidden redstone so that the way the vital points (The Farms, The Forest, The Cobblestone Generator, and The Hill) can only be accessed by inputting an unmarked combination of pressed buttons from inside the hill.

Our Hill!!!


I remotely hack Mojang, and from there I get rid of your blacklist and change the IP to one I know. I make myself an Admin, kick you all, ban you all. I remove any commands that you entered (including, but not limited to, /home). I get rid of your precious plugins, and use MCedit to restore the hill and my castle to it's original status, and then I ghost lying in wait for you. (Whatever that may mean...)


Sadly, Mojang realizes your hacking, and returns all things to the way they were, including my rightful ownership of the hill and server. Sorry! Bye bye!

My /Hill!

Idozen Cair

I blast every software open with my shotgun, and you guys, existing as programs in a computer, die. Since you guys existed in a software and died in a software, you can't come back as a physical ghost.

I take the Hill.

My Hill!
I doesn't care, do I?


Unfortunately, you fail to realize that you only killed our avatars, not us. Since you destroyed the server software and, although you own the hill, the server which the hill is in is left unowned, so I take possesion of it. Then I hack your PC, discover your location, and blast you open with my shotgun.

My Hill!


Challenge me, my Hill unworthy rivals!


Mojang decides that Minecraft is too popular and puts a program deleting virus in TE next update to destroy minecraft. I then rebuild the hill in the real world, buried so far underground that only my partners and I could ever hope to find it.

Xemadus Echina

i awaken from my deep slumber, only to find that some %&#@*&% build a $*^&!($ hill in my ^&#$ cave.  I get conker the squirrel to come over and blast your bloody %#*%$ to hell.  which happens to be a mile down.  now you're all stuck inside of hell quest again.
im writing a book!;topicseen
heres a free verse poem I wrote for school
You never know
Just what you will find after you
Lost your favorite thing. But
The important thing is that the
Game you play will help you to get by.


Having planted a tracking device on buggy, I find my way into the underground cave with the hill, push rainen into a rocket that leads to the moon, that i had secretly built, and the hill is mine again. See ya rainen!


However, I had secretly had a hand in the making of that particular rocket, and remote guide it back to earth. I then call upon the combined powers of Herobrine and Notch to put the hill back in Minecraft, and they both guard it for me.

Our hill!


I remove the 'Hill' file from minecraft and place it in the 'Ultimate Defense' folder. I hide the folder and password lock it. Then I delete minecraft.

My Hill.