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Guard Llama

Started by CraigStern, March 30, 2015, 12:20:32 PM

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Here is the Guard Llama comedy mini-campaign! Enjoy 5 battles and goofy dialogue that pokes fun at typical RPG tropes. :D

Steps to install:

     1. Extract zip file to its own folder. The folder should look like this when you open it:

     2. Copy Guard Llama to Documents > My Games > Telepath Tactics > User Campaigns.

     3. Copy Data to your Telepath Tactics install directory.


Thank you, i really like your games :) (not the bugs though) ;)


Why did I enjoy this campaign more than the official one?


I've ran into a problem trying to download this campaign, the zip file I download only contains an AOEPatterns and Attacks XML file, and the Attacks file seems to be incomplete:

   <Atk elem="Crush" name="Llama Stomp" d="0" cst="1" minRng="1" maxRng="1" shkMag="2" shkTim="10" strD="1.1" powD="0" defD="0" backstabFactor="1.5" sidestabFactor="1" selfHealFactor="0" selfFocusFactor="0" acck"

These are the files I get when I extract the zip file:


Hey Mania, it looks like the file got corrupted when my host messed up the forum database. I just tried recreating the zip file myself--see if this works!


The new download link worked, I just finished the campaign!

It did seem that Llama's special Chomp and Hoof abilities didn't work though, they don't appear in the attacks file so that might be the reason. I gave him Possess instead by editing the classes file, because who can look his magnificent face and resist doing whatever he tells you to? Hooray for modding mods!

Sadly Anu Partymember and Bill Swordsmanface died bravely in battle. Their losses shall be mourned.  :(


Hahaha, nice! I like that idea so much, I've gone ahead and added Mind Control into Lorenzo's ordinary skill progression. :D (I've now also fixed Chomp, Llama Stomp and Firehoof not working--it seems they somehow got erased from the campaign's Attacks.xml file at some point without my noticing!)

The file has been updated. :)