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Characters don't appear in deployment

Started by eyhung, June 04, 2015, 10:54:05 PM

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This is v1.033.  When loading a old savegame file before any battle past the first one, character sprites simply don't appear in the deployment window, but they do appear in the reserve window. 


Also, right-clicking on Sarn Kamina doesn't work.  This is probably due to the fix you just made to her class.

I realize that fast updates are desirable, but you may want to have some basic regression tests in place before you push changes.


Sorry, just fixed it. I'll have an update in a few hours.


I've downloaded the update from steam (1.034) and while icons now appear, right-clicking on characters doesn't show their picture anymore.  Sarn Gamina is still un-right-clickable. Also, if you shuffle people around a lot, characters get the wrong icon -- I have two Lord Dakarais appearing in deployment now.  Right now Louise looks like Lord Dakarai, and Teresa looks like Louise.  Clicking on the green checkmark to start the scenario makes the proper character show up, though. 


Character icons are also gone in stores/modify inventory, and while modifying inventory in a store, it's possible to get stuck ... when you close the inventory, the store doesn't reappear and the game thinks it's in a "battle", with ability to end turn and recharge energy.  (This only occurs after lots of item shifting and equipping, and it's possible to be unable to equip items that should be equippable.)


After buying stuff at Merchant 5, I moved some items around and saved the game in a different slot.  Now when I load either game, none of the items I bought at Merchant 5 appear.  The inventories are identical to before the store, as if I had bought nothing.  I imagine this bug is going to be present for all merchants.