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Patch 1.041: Cannot load saved games

Started by mrburton86, August 10, 2015, 11:23:29 AM

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After first applying the patch (Using version) I was able to load my saved games normally. Then when I saved and quit the game on the mission where you are supposed to gather apples, and tried to load it afterwards, nothing happens. I can't even produce a log file by pressing L-key on the menu, so I've attached my current save game files as attachments, if it helps solving the problem.


Ah! Thanks for reporting this; I'll have this fixed soon. For now, you can fix your save files by replacing Random Level at the top of the file (after nextBattle=) with this:

GENERATE_RANDOM_LEVEL[Forest/Out of Food Post-Battle/TacticiansDuel/1/21/22-26/4-8/Bloodbeard's,Bandit:Bloodbeard's,Swordsman:Bloodbeard's,Bowman:Bloodbeard's,Crossbowman/Global Lighting,Daylight:Protect Char,0,Emma Strider:Deployment,true,BattlePrep]


Hi Craig! your game is amazing despite of some issues experienced as other users: fullscreen mode, inventory, character images...
but till now I played with great pleasure

now I have the same problem: cannot load saved game
after battle with ebon raban and all the dialogues on the ship, I entered the dungeon, checked the characters inventories, saved and quit
now are unable to load the saved campaigne
it seems to me that the Random Level (that's the name exposed in choice box) was not created at all

I play on win10 as normal user with TT 1.042 version
attach Campaigns zipped folder



Hey, thanks! I've got this fixed now, and will be updating the game this evening. Until then, you can fix your saved game file by doing this.


Hi Craig!

I'm sorry, but the link to fix my saved game doesn't work and I can't update patch 1.042
because I already have it!!

thanks in advance!