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adobe air problem

Started by faltinsen, August 25, 2015, 03:30:15 PM

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Pretty much the same problem as discussed in this thread.

I bought the game yesterday on steam, and it was working fine. Then I tried to play today but the error message poped up saying the application require a version of adobe air which cannot be found.

I checked the thread and the problem is the same. But it is still not fixed for me.
I tried copying the entire Adobe Air folder to the TT folder, and the game would run. But the Campaign wouldn't work, only the tutorial worked.

Can someone help me with this?


I am checking the game folder and found that the (Telepath Tactics\Data\Campaigns\The Vengeance of Emma Strider) folder is empty. This is quite strange because the Tutorial folder has several .xml files (maps, etc.).

I think this might be the reason why after I copied the entire Adobe Air folder to TT, only tutorial runs but not the campaign.

I reinstalled TT again but the (The Vengeance of Emma Strider) folder is still empty.


Hm; sounds like the build didn't compile correctly. I'll rebuild it and reupload.