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What does KZ mean?

Started by Frosty, March 13, 2010, 08:39:51 PM

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The third exponent of 26 (the 26th letter, Z) is 17,567. If you subtract the third exponent of 11 (the 11th letter, K), which is 1,331, four times (the total number of the letters of KZ's name squared) you are left with 12,252. Adding 37 (26+11, the letters of his name), you are left with 12,289, or 1/22/89. Leaving KZ to be 21 years old.

My first guess ever on this thread.


Congrats for joining a great tradition!
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Wow that might be the most accurate one yet.

How about squaring his letters kk 11*11= 121 zz 26*26=676 kk+zz=x 121+676=796 July 9, 1906 so he is 103 years 361 days old or 1,013,243,042 seconds from when I wrote that.

If you square the sum of the two squared numbers its 796*796=633,616 so he's June 3rd, 3,616 Meaning it will take another 1,606 years for KZ to be born.

This seems redundant of my previous theory on KZ binary form. If KZ is in ASCII

Quote from: mikew781 on July 05, 2010, 10:51:21 AM
Congrats for joining a great tradition!

I second his congratulations!

Who will be the 3rd?


Congrats on making it to page 10.^^ KZ promised to give us the answer to this perplexing quandary


Erm... thanks to me... the quota has gone up to 11 pages... sorry. :-[


But K=11 and z=26. In binary, 11 is 0011000100110001, and 26 is 0011001000110110. The converting those numbers, placed one seperate lines, yields the code 00110000001100000011000100110001001100000011000000110000001100010011000000110000001100010011000100110000001100000011000000110001000011010000101000110000001100000011000100110001001100000011000000110001001100000011000000110000001100010011000100110000001100010011000100110000. If you seperate the zeros and the ones of this, placing the 1s first, you get ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÀ.
255 means he was born on the 2 month, 5th day, 5th year (2005). The 192 means he will live till he is 192.
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Quote from: Barzul on July 05, 2010, 02:22:03 AM

you are left with 12,289, or 1/22/89.

Quite a bit of mathematics involved there! But I would like to point out a minor "flaw": I follow european and supremely more logical way of noting down dates, in an increasing progression of Day:month:year, so that bit of mathematics has another, "proper" (by me) solution: 12/2/89 :P

Anyhow, at least this guess gives the most reasonable age (4 and 54, c'mon :P), though I still don't think it fits the all-dates avergae.

In any way. I did promise to say the reason for choosing KZ, and here it comes, and it is quite simple:

[spoiler]How easy it is to create a "mystery" out of something very simple, and like in most cases the simple solution is indeed right- initials they were. But I have to add that I liked the sound of the two letter combination (otherwise I would've used something else). Some might argue that this is unimaginative (I believe someone a couple of pages back called me stupid 'cause of it), whilst my argument that, upon initially joining the forums, I had no desire to disclose my real-life identity, and KZ is a rather neutral, age-less term, that doesn't give away much about character or the change in thereof, allowing me the opportunity to shape my online projection into whatever suits me by my posts without people quickly jumping to conlcusions- it offers flexibility and it's also short and easy to remember, and doesn't take a lot of time to write, which also doesn't cause that much irritation (which some long or absurd usernames on some forums occaisonally do to people). So yeah, a universal, highly applicable username, sticks in memory, easy to make up.
Though, as I said before, if it didn't sound too good, I would've come up with something more imaginative, like Kolko. I like K.[/spoiler]

I still suggest we keep the good tradition going and bury this answer amongst many more pages of other guesses. See if you can find some other mathematical means to link up KZ to, say, Russia or obeying rules?
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Quote from: mikew781 on June 30, 2010, 05:10:58 PM
If we get to 10 pages, will you actually tell us why you use KZ as your name?

Why its his name never said anything about what his name is. Darn loop holes.   :P

Xemadus Echina

see I was right :P but I find that 1/22/89 thing insane.  What I don't understand is how you picked the numbers and equations that you did. Please do share your methods Barzul
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Well I needed a number that had at least 4-6 digits for a correct date, so the squares of 11 and 26 wouldn't have cut it, so I went up to the third exponent. then I had to go back down so that the first number could be a 1, as there are no months above 12. And then I was at 52 for the year. So, while it is possible for him to be 58, I thought I would up it a bit closer, but not a lot, and I thought 11+26 is a small enough number.

But know that KZ mentions it, 12/2/89 does look better. I guess if it was 02 I would have seen it in there.

Anyways, its just a lot of number moving for a guess that doesn't leave KZ to be born in the future.


What's KZ's join date on the old forums?


Let see KZ's age in octagonal Number. First off an octagonal number is a figurate number that represents an octagon. The octagonal number for n is given by the formula 3n2 - 2n.

So lets start with K

3n2 - 2n
3*11*2 - 2*11
33*2 - 2*11

Now Z

3n2 - 2n
3*26*2 - 2*26
78*2 - 2*26
156 - 2*26
156 - 52

KZ's age formula K is 11 Z is 26 use these to replace n in any crazy formula. Than add the two. Than do the formula on the new number. At least thats the formula to me
104+44= 148

3n2 - 2n
3*148*2 - 2*148
444*2 - 2*148
888 - 2*148
888 - 296

5th September 2002, or 5th September, 1902 or May 9th and you get the two different years.

So he is either 8 years old or 108


Quote from: Presentiment on March 13, 2010, 08:44:59 PM

Now do you really think thats possible? ;)

Killer Zach


He was sleeping, and  someone shoved a whole bunch of k's up his nose.

This ones from brom in the old forums. You know I thought their would be more pages to the what does KZ mean in the old forums.

Quote from: Duskling on July 05, 2010, 11:57:59 PM
Erm... thanks to me... the quota has gone up to 11 pages... sorry. :-[

Lets hope I don't make it 12


His name has nothing to do with Zack/Zach. It's KittyZaur!
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