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Started by Steelfist, April 20, 2010, 11:29:02 AM

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heh... I still think it's a person behind a mask. Being a god... would draw a lot of parallelism with TRG 2 as Steelfist pointed out, and it's a believable twist to the story. There's all ways the very real possibility that we will simply never know. Perhaps there is a man behind the mask, and then the real Yawah talks to us or something... some clue that keeps the player guessing. Which is likely going to be how it is, as it's one of the main points of TSoG, to explore the existence of god. I doubt Mr. Stern will make such a definitive statement as "there is a god" or "there is no god", as this is a sensitive topic and will likely limit the market of his future games severely.

Though, the "I guess we will never know" endings are all ways horrible. So, I can't wait for Mr. Sterns undoubtedly creative and unique ending to the game.


I don't think Craig should tell you because it'll ruin the surprise. And i like surprises. (And i don't mean Screaming Pop-ups. I hate them.) So i'm happy with not fighting Yawah or Fighting Him!  :)


I would say that like in Telepath 2, perhaps you could choose between siding with your mother (who believes in yawah) and fight the resistance or siding with your father (who hates cultists). But actually no one knows.
I wish Craig luck in finding a good ending!


youre mother is not on the cult side. she was just telling youre father that he couldnt judge people on what there religion is and when youre mother yelled out HAIL YAWAH she was on some kind of drug
mock the pheonix you will burn


Still, LukasFest is very likely right in their being a choice to make. After all, why include a dialogue tree if it will serve no consequences in the end?
Whether you side with the cult or not, makes no difference, because it still needs to include the elements of seeing if there is a god or not, and logically, a fight with "Yawah" as a figurehead with some indication that there may be a god leaving them with a "I guess we'll never know" makes sense (at least in my point of view) This doesn't have to be the end of the game (typically a fight with a "god" would be the climax of the story). I don't see TSoG coming out as a chapter of a series with a to-be-continued ending so I do think we will be fighting Yawah.


Why fighting? Either the cultists are misleaded or there really is a god. And we don't know, who can say?
And even Craig can't say "There is a god" or "There is no god". We need to decide ourselfs, like in real life.
And TRPG: SoG would not be an RPG if we were not able to make decisions.
We can't fight someone if we do not know he exists.
I'd say we will be ending up making a decision.

However, TRPG: SoG is going to be an uniqe Inidie RPG of the Telepath series.


There is going to have to be some sort of boss fight in the end; why not yawah?


He may aswell be in spirit form like Luca but more Tougher!


We could also fight Cygnus, the "prophet".


you know, in any other game, id bet 5 bucks that the god was a giant invisible cumquat named harold. ;D
Die swiffers! You'll get it for messin with my woman!


I think the god was a Harold God named Cumquat :D


What at first came to my mind was that there would be some kind of juxtapositioning between Anu and Yawah, Anu as defender of knowledge and wisdom and Yawah as one trying to hide those from human. And I also thought that what if Cult actually doesn´t work... umm... as it works because of its religion. Maybe their religion is just betrayal created by some cabal to get power?
Grammar! >_<

Idozen Cair

Er... I've heard people posting something about another god named Anu. Is there really that god (I mean if it's mentioned in the game)?
I doesn't care, do I?


Yes. You just need to pay attention to the dialogue. Anu is what the Cult is tying to drive out as well as Dark Ones.