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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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Switching back to TiB development for a bit to get a demo ready for Steam's upcoming roguelike and roguelite festival!

-- added the TiB demo to the game.

-- updated loads of out-of-date XML files so the demo would run correctly in-engine with its current feature set.

-- added a little team-size indicator to the Army Overview button in the recruitment interface.

-- fixed: the game was calling the incorrect method on calendar events to serialize them for saving.

-- fixed: reference to the "recruited" particle system in the recruitment interface had become lost somehow.

-- fixed: expletives incorporating the name of the character's chosen god were not processing the -GOD- special character when getting displayed onscreen.


-- added some basic difficulty options to the demo.

-- fixed: the proceed anyway button on the "insufficient recruits" warning in the recruitment menu was incorrectly formatted.


-- fixed: returning to the shop would not return the info bar to the screen.

-- fixed: the mechanic portrait would not reappear after finishing up shopping for golems.

-- fixed: tics and laugh phrases could end up displaying the wrong pronouns when used in a response line in camp.

-- fixed: the game would not process the approaching character's name when supplying a generic approach line for the character after failing to find a specific one.


-- fixed some issues with the Save Grandpa mission that cropped up due to changes to the game over the past year.

-- fixed: Hide was in the skill progression for both Blackguards and Whispers, rendering the Whisper promotion choice redundant.


-- created a Drowning Res. icon, added it to the game.

-- fixed outdated description for the Bad Joints trait.

-- fixed: the game was not parsing the -CLASS2- special character in dialogue.


-- fixed: certain response lines were using the wrong pronoun special character, causing the game to refer to the listener instead of the speaker.


-- tweaked the design of Battle at Grabber's Grove to open up more avenues for movement and make things a little more interesting for most players.

-- fixed: the game could choose a narrated "idle chatter" presentation for character conversation with characters who had never met before (for whom no such narration exists). This would result in the game displaying a placeholder narration a la "X and Y performed the activity Talk."


-- added some new physical traits to the game.

-- new tag added to the game: ModSkillKnockback. Modifies the knockback value of a skill (and those dependent upon it).

-- added a new proc gen weapon modifier: Colossal. Adds +1 knockback to skills of the type the weapon grants (and those dependent upon it).


-- fixed: certain response lines incorporating character-specific tic, laugh, or expletive phrases with pronouns could mistakenly use the listener's pronouns instead of the speaker's.

-- added new laugh types and edited some existing ones.

-- improved some proc gen character dialogue.


-- changed the way CompatibleUnitsToList works; by default, it now returns all characters compatible with the named character. Added a fifth, optional boolean parameter, "Must Be Mutual." Only if this parameter is set to true will the game account for whether the listed characters are themselves compatible with the named character.

-- added a new deity, The Giver.

-- "Shops Closed" events are now added to the calendar when Jigna gives you info on when they're closed.

-- the Schedule action now prevents adding duplicates of an event on a specific day by default. Added a fifth, optional boolean parameter, "Allow Duplicate Events." Only if this parameter is set to true will the game add another copy of an event to a given calendar day.


-- wrote more chital event dialogue.

-- added Burn as a "counterattack" to lit campfires, candelabras, braziers, and stoves; these objects now deal heat damage to characters who attack them in melee, or who are knocked into them.


-- updated the introduction with a proper difficulty selection menu.

-- it is now possible to toggle ironman mode on or off independently of the base difficulty setting.

-- saved games now display the selected difficulty.

-- fixed some typos.

-- more physical skills (e.g. Double Strike) now derive bonus damage from the attacker's Psy stat.

-- wrote a marriage proposal event!


-- new script action: RemoveCampActivity. Works the same way as LearnCampActivity, but removes the activity instead.

-- the game now correctly narrates character moods predicated on their interactions with another named character (e.g. "A is feeling upset with B").

-- fixed: outdated script action formatting was preventing random events from directly altering characters' familiarity, friendship, and romance levels with one another.

-- fixed: a formatting error was interfering with the correct functioning of event dialogue in which characters reacted to another character's cooking.

-- fixed: character-specific mood text was inappropriately carrying over to other characters' moods.

-- increased the weight given to dialogue generation based on character personality from 3x to 4x.

-- created a close-up tabletop texture.


-- fixed a few typos in the marriage proposal event.

-- updated the event scripting so characters who are engaged are now tagged "engaged" and won't propose to each other again later. An engaged character will now automatically refuse a marriage proposal from another character.

-- added marriage proposal to the random events that may be chosen after a certain point in the game.

-- boosted the maximum reflexes gainable through character leveling up from 1 to 4.

-- added a menu option for training to Kalkerapur...

-- fixed: the "babble" speech sounds were hooked up to the game's deterministic random number generator, rendering it possible to manipulate the random number generator by speeding up dialogue and thereby alter the events and dialogue variations at camp on a given evening.


Worked on creating a new trailer.

-- updated the tutorial to reflect the new supported "double-click to auto-move and attack" controls, and to communicate the ability to auto-move-and-attack with specific skills by clicking the skill and the target.

-- the game now weights camp activities based on whether another character is already performing them, making it less likely that you'll have everyone in camp doing the same thing each evening.