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Together in Battle Dev Log

Started by CraigStern, February 06, 2020, 05:37:30 PM

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- fixed: the game could freeze if character movement mid-combat sequence (e.g. with a skill like Charge) brought a character into an area of the map that triggers OnReachingArea dialogue.

- fixed some awkward word combinations that could come up in evening dialogue discussing hobbies and objects that characters like.


- new after-attack type supported: "Can Attack." The character can continue using other skills, but can no longer move.

- gave a buff to the Swordmaster and Marauder prestige classes: Marauders can now follow up Grappler Stance with other skills, and Swordmasters can now do the same with Preemptive Stance and Defensive Stance.

- drafted a new, two-part event: "Lost Kitten."

- new camp activity: "Play with Kitten."

- camp activities can now play sound effects!

- added a hammering sound effect to the "repair equipment" camp activity.

- new sound effects added to the game: Meow and MeowKitten.

- new sound loop added to the game: Purring.


- finished the Lost Kitten events.

- the game now tracks which advanced classes you promote characters to.

- new achievement: Jack of all trades. Awarded for promoting characters to every advanced class in the game.


- wrote two of three possible conversations for the next investigation scene.


- finished drafting the next investigation scene; branching, with about another 70 branches of dialogue.

- new sound effect added to the game: Door Knock.


- added more options to the new investigation cut scene, bringing the dialogue tree up to 83 branches in length.

- wrote two new cut scenes playing out the consequences of making the wrong choices in the new investigation cut scene.

- revised the text of the dissident's den letter so that it makes more sense in context.

- fixed: the game was leaving the "talking" symbol visible on the last speaker portrait when transitioning to a new dialogue branch with no speaker.


- created the first of the game's endings!

- new achievement for getting the ending. (This brings the game to 75 achievements!)

- created the game's end credits scene.

- improved cut scene scrolling behavior. Instead of automatically skipping to the entire next scene, clicking now increases the scroll speed by nearly 10x while the button is held down, and advances to the next scene only when scrolling is completed.

- holding down the Escape button during a scrolling cut scene mirrors the new behavior of left-clicking now.

- added new backgrounds for certain camp activities.

- fixed: the wording of one variant of Pessimistic character practice narration could clash with character mood narration.

- fixed: the formula used to detect how many days away from payday the player is contained errors, leading to payday warnings appearing in town on inappropriate days.

- fixed: loading a dialogue tree containing a NewScene action in branch 0 within a frame of the cut scene editor would cause the game to actually load the new scene within the editor.

- fixed: the title screen news ticker would not reappear after returning to the title screen from playing the game.

- fixed an over-long delay between news items in the title screen news ticker.

- new operation type supported: abs. Sets the custom value equal to the absolute value of the operand.


- the game can now queue up multiple "off on a job scenes" in a row to transition to between the moment of running out of time points and going to camp.

- created a new job type: Explorers! Send 4-5 characters away for 3 days to explore dangerous caverns in search of treasure.

- new destructible objects: trapped chests! These come in two varieties: chests trapped with poison needles and chests trapped with explosives.

- multiple new enemy types that appear when exploring caverns.

- added a bit more gradation in how enemy decks improve over the course of a Psy Clash tourney. (The first deck will always be more basic, while the next two decks will now be a bit stronger.)

- rebalanced the game's salary calculations: for characters above level 1, stat increases beyond base now only factor in at 33% the strength of base stats when calculating salary, making higher-level characters much more competitive with level 1 recruits in terms of value.

- the "asking for a raise" event now checks multiple other characters if the one selected isn't due for a raise, making it much less likely to get skipped.

- giving a character only half their requested raise in the "asking for a raise" event now produces a -2 morale hit.

- fixed: the game was not calculating the difference between a character's current and calculated salary correctly in the "asking for a raise" event.

- fixed: the info bar was not visible during the "asking for a raise" event.

- fixed: players could hire out characters as caravan guards more than once per day.

- fixed: the game would not kick the player out if they went to hire out caravan guards without the minimum number of characters, potentially getting the player stuck in the scene until they clicked on the one character available.

- fixed: it was possible to get card tournaments multiple days in a row on the jobs board.

- fixed a typo in the scene for hiring out characters as caravan guards.

- fixed: the SetStat action was not working correctly when targeting the Salary or Appetite stats.

- fixed a bug that was causing hair accessories in character portraits to display with incorrect scale and position.

- fixed: Battle with the Steel Bandits was still lacking a battle background.


- AI improvement: enemies can now path their way through closed doors, opening the doors as they move!

- AI improvement: CPU-controlled characters will no longer wander into campfires.

- fixed: the game could lock up if the engineer from Battle in the Dissident's Den had his path from Hari to the table blocked.

- fixed: in some cases, the game running and then closing dialogue with an OnReachingArea trigger in the middle of an AI turn could cause the game to tell the AI that none of its characters had moved or acted yet, resulting in them taking multiple turns.

- fixed: during the battle in the dissident's den, if the engineer was tipped off due to the player wandering too close and the enemy getting the first attack, he would make his scripted moves during the player's turn instead of his own.

- fixed: during OnCharAttacked dialogue where the speaker's name was set via the -ATTACKER- special character, the game was leaving the resulting unique ID in place in lieu of the attacker's name.


- proc gen maps now support setting a specific distance range from the player's army for other army groups to spawn. (This can not only apply to enemies, but to allied armies as well!)

- used this new feature to force allies to spawn close to the player during Cavern Exploration.

- fixed: in rare circumstances, the game could produce a range error trying to place an enemy with exceptionally long range on a proc gen battle map without enough space to get them outside of enemy range.

- fixed: when finishing deployment in a map with both a Fog of War condition and a Go First condition for any army other than the player, the game would reconfigure fog of war to reflect the perspective of whichever army went during the first turn, thereby inappropriately revealing hidden areas of the map to the player.

- fixed: the "force visual effect direction" parameter of skills was not being read by the game, ensuring that directional skill effects could never be locked in a given direction (or used at all by destructible objects).


Pushed the update, gave artist feedback!

Changes for version 0.5.00:

- proc gen characters are now created with some natural variability in their portrait size--some larger and some smaller--with human women on average a bit smaller than human men.

- received new "no clothing" portrait art from Georgi Minkov; created masks for them, added them to the game.

- new script action: ChangeClothing. This works like ChangeExpression, but instead of changing facial expression, it changes the body graphic being used in an existing character portrait. Supports all base classes usable by characters of that species--plus, for humans, None.


- the map editor successfully loads and saves the "forced spawn distance from the player" attribute of army groups in proc gen maps.

- reorganized the army group fields in the Generate Map window of the map editor, added fields for specifying forced spawn distance from the player.

- created a 5th set of object fields in the Generate Map window of the map editor.

- the map editor will now let you select more than just 2 terrain tilesets and more than just 1 hazard tileset.

- improved the game's detection of premade unit load IDs (as opposed to actual class names) for army group units in proc gen maps.

- fixed: upon loading proc gen maps, the map editor would strip out colons from any premade unit load IDs within army groups.

- fixed: the map editor was not setting terrain check boxes correctly within the Generate Map window of the map editor to match the sets used by existing proc gen maps upon loading them.


More artist feedback. Also:

- status effect immunity messages now only pop up if the target is a character. (The player doesn't really need to hear about how boulders and trees are immune to, say, Blinded or Enthralled status.)

- within the Generate Map window of the map editor, shifted the player deployment options over to the leftmost column to make better use of space.

- increased the per-character pay for Cave Exploration by 20 aura.

- added "force spawn distance from player" support to destructible objects in proc gen maps.

- the map editor successfully loads and saves the "forced spawn distance from the player" attribute of objects in proc gen maps.

- added "force spawn distance from player" fields for destructible objects to the Generate Map window of the map editor.

- the game now properly supports stairs which appear to lead down below the map; there is a now a "StairsDown" variant of all existing stairs objects.

- fixed: characters returning from cavern exploration would inappropriately remain on the cavern exploration roster going forward, allowing them to participate in cavern exploration while also remaining available for everything else.


- added an optional third parameter to ChangeClothing that, if set to true, causes it to permanently change the body used in the named character's portrait wherever it appears throughout the game.

- removed the "you have already done this today" warning from the Jobs Board button in Kalkerapur, as it is now commonplace to get multiple job opportunities in a given day.

- fixed: in the deck viewer, you could accidentally click on cards by clicking in the empty area below them.

- fixed: one of the "talk" camp activity variants for hot-tempered characters was not setting character facial expressions appropriately.


- did a bit of code optimization for when the game checks for whether spaces are solid land.

- improved proc gen map logic for placing stairs (they can now only be placed at elevation 1, and not adjacent to environmental hazards).

- caverns now have a second floor with free exploration that can be accessed by finding the stairs down!