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The Rules

Started by KZ, February 07, 2010, 05:23:25 PM

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If you can't say something politely don't say anything at all.

- How's that for a rule?


CraigStern is a lawyer so he would never implement that rule.

Not implying that lawyers aren't impolite, but because it would be obvious that rule can easily be bent due to its subjectiveness.

fractals mmmm


how about:
"If you've been banned and make a new account, you shouldn't announce that you used to be Presentiment. Oops! I mean, you shouldn't announce that you were once banned."
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Well that would be counter-productive because it slows mods from banning aforementioned user.


Besides that, Craig said that if Pres came back as a productive member of this society then he would be allowed to stay.


I wonder why WeBing hasn't been banned yet, then?



QuoteOkay, update: I've installed a mod to the forums that makes new users answer a simple question when they first sign up. Spambots can't get around this. Since that's in place now, I've removed the post restrictions entirely. Smiley
A spambot could just go back and answer the questions correctly, and wait to get to the forum before they start spamming.


 Good point. But dont they change? Oh no. I think I remember seeing that before. Isnt that the mark of Webing?


what you mean "dont they change?"
close enough


I havn't looked but I think that the questions change.
What is that supposed to mean? Hmm?


So what if they change? If you get one wrong, you just go back and fix it. There's even a back button, and you don't get kicked out. I know from experience.
I'm almost having fun messing with you


Alright. I'm gonna look at that.
Don't have too much fun. I can get a temper.


Don't bother looking at it, I already did, hence the user bob, which I will delete. But my point is, it is very easy for anyone to get on the forum, spammer or not. Getting the question wrong doesn't eject you, so a spammer could just go back, get the question right, and get onto the forum. I really don't know any way to prevent this except to kick the user out if they miss the question once.
By the way, my name is not bob.
...For I am his, and he is mine, bought by the precious blood of Christ.

Anyone want to find the rest of the words?


Though what if there is a typo and it is an honest person wanting to join? And bob? Really?