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Just an idea

Started by Duskling, May 25, 2010, 07:20:25 PM

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Sinister Design has the special edition of the TRPG2 game, so why not make an even more special game, but for download (free of charge please!)? What I mean is TRPG2, but with the TSoG engine, we still love the original TRPG2 as well, of course!

Update: TRPG2 on Sinister Design with TSoG engine: Download, free of charge. TRPG2 on Sinister Design with TSoG engine, Special Edition: Download., $10-$20.


I think Craig is too busy with TSoG to make updates to a completed chapter of the Telepath series.


he mentioned it at one point, but i think his work schedule is his idea-no offense
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Well, actually, I meant for him to do this after he was done with TSoG, thanks for the feedback, nontheless!


It's a good idea; I adored the storyline and gameplay, but when you compare the engine to TSOG... No comparison.

Dorgon 5000

This is a very good idea.

Dorgon 5000

But I still think that chapter 1 needs a remake more than the second game. The second game would still have stayed the same, just a little upgrade. The first one, on the other hand, sucks. The only good thing is to see how it all started, before you were enslaved and all that. But with the new engine, it could be very intresting, using battles with up to four character instead of eight like chapter 2. Maybe a few secrets too, to get a reason to replay the game for.


This might be a great task for craig: when he finshes TSoG
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Yes. I really would like to see a remade TRPG 2.