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Reporting a bug

Started by GuluSan, April 29, 2023, 04:16:29 AM

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First of all:
1. I really enjoyed the game so far (played for 5 hours)
2. Sorry if this is not the place or format to report bugs.

Unfortunately, I think I encountered a "game breaking" bug:
After day 15 arena fight (first monkey league fight) I arrived to the camp and got an event that looks like thieves are attacking the camp. I guess that I need to fight them but the map is all grey and I'm unable to actually fight. I am stuck in this situation.
I attached a print screen of this scenario.
I tried:
- Restarting the game
- Surrender the battle (get -1 moral but I remain in the same "fight")
- Ending the turn
- Restarting the battle
Nothing helped.

Any help would be appreciated.

Keep up the good work and good luck!


Thank you for the report! If you can email me (sinisterdesign at gmail dot com) with your save file, that will allow me to quickly figure out the cause of the bug.