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end of demo

Started by mezzoforte, September 16, 2010, 01:16:48 AM

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Is the demo now basically how it's going to be until the full-version comes out, or will there be something more after [spoiler]2 crypts and rescuing parents[/spoiler]


I think Craig is hesitant to release more right now. He doesn't want to give too much from the full version away. I think KZs explanation for it was something like giving 99% of the game away and the player deciding the game got boring and thus not buying the full.


This all topic sounds like specuation with no evidence at all..  I don't think anything new has been put out, because Craig hasn't finished with the voice acting.

Also, I don't think missions related to Rubat Campgrounds or Lake Alto will ever be put into the Demo.  I base this on the fact that when you try to click on them on the map, it will say that it isn't included in the Demo.

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well i can tell you one thing, if you are one of the faithful members of the telepath community there is a private web site that may or may not become a private beta area.
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Since Craig didn't create the private website, then I am assuming that it won't be a private beta.  I think that site was created and maintained by some relatively new formers who want to feel special by excluding slightly newer users from being invited.  As special as some think the private website is, I don't think it has any real association with Sinister Design.

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um, Rainen made it, so I don't think that's it.
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That is only a matter of perspective. Was he on the old forums?


I believe rainen has been around for a while, he just doesn't have many legit posts, im2smart4u, why, if all of his posts counted, he would have over 700 posts, so please judge more carefully, or don't judge at all.


Quote from: im2smart4u on September 16, 2010, 11:39:55 PM
I consider you relatively new too.
Oh... I understand, it is because we weren't on the Old Forums, is that it? In that case, I acknowledge your opinion on our experience. However, I have but one question; what is your secret? How is it that you can be so brutally logical and right just about all the time. Oh no, wait, is it because ur2smart4me? :D


I think the main reason the private site was created was because rainen  wanted to secure his place for testing the game out when the demo doesn't expand for the public.  That is likely wishful thinking.

FYI, I don't really think I am "Too smart for you".  I wanted to use numbers in my name and the name sounded so smug that I thought it was funny.


This is getting out of hand. And before you say ANYTHING, im2smart4u, I was on the old forums. Now please get back on topic.

Like I said. Craig is a little hesitant to update the demos any more right now.


Quote from: Arch Preist of Craiginism on September 17, 2010, 03:44:05 PM
I was on the old forums. Now please get back on topic.
Sure you were.  ::)

Quote from: mezzoforte on September 16, 2010, 01:16:48 AM
Is the demo now basically how it's going to be until the full-version comes out, or will there be something more after [spoiler]2 crypts and rescuing parents[/spoiler]
Do you have any evidence to prove your theory or is speculation?


Guys, it doesn't matter the number of posts you have, how long you have been here, or how much you think you know. It is your posts quality that counts in the end. I mean look at Barzul.

He is just speculating im2smart4u.
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Speculation is not always a bad thing.

A) I don't think the google site is going to be affiliated with SD. I could be wrong.

B) I think that there are going to be one or two more missions, but basically, I think Craig only needed us to figure out what bugs there were in the engine, and some of the minigames, but now that most of the bugs are worked out, we don't need to be included as much in the rest of the process.


It doesn't matter who's old and who isn't. What matters is who can contribute to the community in a respectful fashion.

As for the demo: I am, indeed, somewhat hesitant about giving away much more than I have already. I don't want people thinking like this after I release the full game:

Quote from: rainenand i for one find it strange that i was able to play all the way to league NINE before without pay and almost complete the game.  now if i wanna play for free i can only play to league THREE.  since i already have played most of the game and gotten almost all there is to get,  all i'm buying is the ability to replay the game and the last 2 leagues and 1 or 2 orbs. as well as the ending. not worth it.

I am, however, going to have a beta testing phase eventually. You'll know when it arrives.