May 24, 2010

Darkness, and other goodies

I was thinking the other day. You know what Telepath RPG: Servants of God could use a little of?


That’s right: darkness!

Of course, that’s only one of the goodies I’ve added into the game over the past week. Another is the ability to skip characters’ turns in combat, then come back to them after the other characters have gone.

I’m also going out of my way to sprinkle little hidden treasure chests and other surprises around the game to help reward diligent exploration and foster the sense that hidden secrets are everywhere in this world. Few things help an RPG like a little sense of mystery…

  • Lukas Fest

    Darkness? Seems like an improvement. And i’m sure
    that the “skip turns” ability will bring up new tactical decisions.

    Well done Craig, well done.

  • Dorgon 5000


  • Mageus

    I like the skip feature but the darkness could be alittle irritating if it is continues It wouldnt be bad if like once you have explored an area you could still see it with out the darkness

  • Edbob

    Skip turns is good if you have someone trapped and can’t move or do anything. I love the darkness. 😀

  • Renan

    In the game, the main character has the ability to feel things with his mind, then theoretically darkness would not change anything for him.

  • Ref206

    You could have the light radius be determined by aptitude, thereby giving aptitude more usefulness and making sense as far as the storyline goes.

  • Mykolas

    THe darkness does seem reasonable… Except that I thought the protagonist, along with a few other characters, had The Sight, which allows them to see far more than they could than with their eyes. Or does that only activate in battles?

    Sarcasm aside, if you keep it, it should be tied to one of the stats in some way.

  • Craig Stern

    The Sight is a technique that works by determining the location of nearby humans and other creatures through broad-based Scanning, then picking up their visual thought streams and compositing a picture of the battlefield. It’s isn’t a direct, literal substitute for regular vision.

    By contrast, it’s a much harder process trying to directly figure out the shape of one’s surroundings using psy when it’s pitch dark. That’s like the equivalent of groping around with one’s hands with one’s eyes closed. Which is why Duvalier can only manage to keep tabs on his immediate surroundings in pitch darkness. I do like the idea of having the “light” radius increase with Aptitude, though. 🙂

  • Rainen

    I agree with the Aptitude increasing light radius idea. Especially since the “light” is really just what Duvalier is perceiving with his mind. Although to make it slightly more realistic wouldn’t it fit better for things to be on a gray scale as the end of his “vision” approaches? Or perhaps just have the entire thing be on a gray scale? If I were to be seeing things with my mind I would probably ignore color in order to increase my sight radius. But that’s just me. Also I like the treasure Idea. To add to that, Could you eventually make a dig site in the desert where instead of randomly generated monsters you can attack the ground and get randomly generated treasures (or lack of treasures) which upon completion is then sold? You could also use it as a mini game that gives you an orb after awhile.

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