Together in Battle

A strategy RPG/team management game of love, friendship, and turn-based tactical combat! Now in development.


The SRPG Telepath Tactics reborn in a new engine with 3D terrain, redesigned UI, new character portraits, mid-battle saving, 24 new classes, and many other improvements!


True Messiah Logo 300 x 126

A board game of surreal religious horror! Recruit followers, build temples, and deploy a deck of miracles to destroy the false prophets who challenge you for dominion over a shattered Earth.


Telepath Tactics

A turn-based strategy RPG with dozens of playable characters, mod support, and a local multiplayer mode for up to 6 players!


TSoG Banner

The third chapter in the Telepath RPG series, a hybrid wRPG / sRPG that takes place in a Middle East-inspired steampunk setting.



A turn-based tactics game with a randomized marketplace of soldiers for you to recruit, train, and command in a series of increasingly challenging battles.


Free browser games

(With Flash now gone, use the browser extension to play!)

Telepath RPG Chapter 2 — The second chapter in the Telepath RPG series. Popular for its characters and original story, as well as its turn-based tactical battle system (a less sophisticated version of the combat in Telepath RPG: Servants of God). You can now download a Windows executable version (recommended, as has some issues emulating this game).

Telepath RPG Chapter 1 — The first chapter in the Telepath RPG series. Not nearly as good as the other ones, to be totally honest, but it might be worth playing if you want to get the back-story leading into Chapter 2.

Telepath Psy Arena — A Telepath RPG spin-off using an early build of the Telepath RPG: Servants of God combat engine. Provides a selection of tactical battles you can jump into instantly. It lacks the team-building and training aspects of its sequel, however.

Free downloadable games

Ham Sandwich RPG [Mac/Linux] — A side-scrolling action RPG starring a ham sandwich, the irrepressible Ham Hamilton, on his quest to be eaten by the king. Hilarious and fun! Created in 48 hours for a game design competition.

Harvester [Mac/Linux] — A puzzle/exploration game with CCG elements. Collect and use cards to solve puzzles and battle enemies. The storyline is quite dark. Created in 48 hours for a game design competition.

NOTE: You will need Adobe AIR to use the .air installers. Adobe has pretty much abandoned it at this point, but you can find archived versions of it around the internet (e.g. here or here).