December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well, stick a hat on me and call me Santa: as a special Christmas/late-Chanukah present just for you, I’ve made a Telepath RPG: Servants of God update! The side quest in West Ravinale is now done. You can complete the quest in a huge variety of different ways.  Some endings are good, some are less good, and all are morally ambiguous. I had a lot of fun designing the scenario–I hope you enjoy it!

Also, as a special bonus, here a sneak peak at what will eventually be the new in-game title screen:

New Title Screen!

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  • Zhampir

    Love the new title screen. but could you add the music into the game soon? it’s just a few extra lines of code here and there and would really liven up the game.

  • im2smart4u

    I like the arabian style menu. It somewhat introduces the setting before one presses ‘New Game’.

  • cstern

    Thanks guys!

    Zhampir, the music and most sounds are being left out right now because putting them in would increase build times considerably (it takes something just short of forever for Flash to encode all those mp3s).

  • KZ

    Cheers cstern!
    Thanks for the X-masy update!
    I agree taht the new stylised menu looks pretty nice, and is definitely an upgrade to what it was before, and, apart from the name, doesn’t really associate with the previous free installments in the sage, so the re-branding is going well, methinks.

  • Zhampir

    All right then, anyways I love it. Another great game.^^

  • adregun

    this game is GREAT 🙂 i think i know who is the trainer…. something tells me it is the character u use in telepath rpg 1-2 🙂