July 3, 2009

Welcome to the new site design!

Hey guys, as you have no doubt noticed, I’ve redesigned the web site with the help of my friend Dale. The goal is to make it more focused and easier to use. (Because it’s in blog style, it’ll also make it way easier for me to post updates.)

I’ve decided to make the focus of the site less on being a Flash arcade (which it wasn’t very good at) and more on being a proper developer’s website. Note, for example, how the Games page now only links to games actually developed by Sinister Design.

All of the old hosted games are still available at their old URLs, however. You can reach them the old-fashioned way via the old website, which is archived here.

You might notice some changes to the site’s appearance over the coming days –I’m still tweaking it. Please be patient, and eventually, if luck is with me, it will end up looking fabulous.

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  • Daniel

    I actually think the old site did a great job of hosting some fantastic Flash and freeware games I never saw elsewhere. I’ve appreciated over the last year not only your own Telepath RPGs, but also the other games you have featured and your flashrpgs.info blog which I check frequently for updates. Hope your new site continues to point out attention-worthy indie games by other developers as well.

    Other than that, good luck to you on the new direction and I really look forward to seeing more of your work!

  • Bryan

    its cool that you have telepath games here but wat about the others(i dont capatalise my leters and in dont use puncuation)

  • Raider

    its just me or telepath RPG 2 is the ol version i refreshd and all but the old version is still here. was my savefile of the new version has erased?

  • cstern

    Telepath RPG Chapter 2 hasn’t been touched–it’s the same version, same file, same everything. New version. Not sure why your save file wouldn’t show up.

  • cstern
  • brainwaves

    your not the only one, i played telepath rpg 2 before the site changed, i could save, now a few options a missing outta the menu, BUT, the game still auto saves, and you can load that

  • name

    did telepath rpg 2 change in any way? because i can not get dorgon when i play any more

  • cstern

    I figured out the problem–try it now!

  • Kate

    I really like the new web design. It’s much better than the last one.

  • Well, it’s really awesome! I like how the thing on the side is a music player if you click the foot! I also have to lodge the same complaint that raider did. I cannot load my Telepath 2 file. It doesn’t matter so much to me, seeing as how I never beat Telepath 1, or rather, ever played it, so I might as well do that before I play Telepath 2 again. And, is there any way I could get some of the Telepath music for free? I really like it. Once again, great job on the site!


  • nick

    well i liked the new chatper its very chalenging but the new website layout is kind of hard to get used to

  • Waffles

    Well.. The new design is good but i miss having those other games here. The Demo for Chapter three is great but im already to the end of it and I wish there was More…..

  • Curious

    Does anyone know how to get the orb from the first crypt? I’m quite stuck, but great game though!

  • Andrew

    omg wtf i click no the telepath rpg ch. 1 link thing and it takes me to telepath rpg ch. 2
    oh and rock on sinister design your games are awesome and are forever legdens (sorry misspell)

  • kas

    I dont think white fits into ur website, but well… Its ur own decision.

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  • Johny

    Just wondering do you have any clue when Telepath RPG Chapter 3 will be finished?

  • harry

    i much prefer the old website. i think that the new website is a lot less classy. the old website had lots of games that are both good and hard to find

  • harry

    your games are realy good

  • harry

    but old site was better

  • Michaelan


  • Michaelan