• Dorgon 5000

    This looks really good! I´ve been a little conservative about this, at first I didn´t want it to be changed at all, I thought that the second game was perfect (exept the graphics slowdowns). But the original games are still there and it looks like this could be even better. The only risk is that game could be too focused on being fun. The second game is not so great just because it´s fun. Fun games are the best ones for the moment, but you don´t remember them just for that. It whould be much better if SoG was about emotions instead of brain-dead entertainment (I have not played the demo, I want to experience the game with all effects, all music and full storyline).

  • Stephen

    Does this mean the game was completed? Or does that mean it will be patched automatically when there are updates?

  • Jomo

    I think the meaner AI is a good idea because you could always (almost) rely on the stsupid computers not hitting you with a “Back Stab” attack when they could easily walk around you and kill you for it. It took some if not a lot of the actual planning attacks and where you stand or you might die factor from the game. (It’s still a hard game and worth playing, but after you get trained enough, then you could rush in there and then run out to heal without thinking that if they back stab you the next attack, that youll die.)

  • Frosty

    Will the 4th mission be complete in the downloadable demo?

  • cstern

    No new missions–this demo is basically just what was there before, but with tons of bug fixes and polish. The idea is that I can send this out to various game news sites and get the game some exposure while I continue development. 🙂

  • Dorgon 5000

    Will all music be there?

  • Zhampir

    Ah, progress, it’s nice to see.^^

  • This is exciting news. I haven’t played the game at all, as I’m waiting for it to be released. Those of you who have played the game, any reviews?

  • I don’t think this goes here, but indie developers rock! I just need to add music, and I’ll be submitting a game, called “Vroom!” to Armorgames. Hopefully the first step on a long journey (please forgive the cheese)! The fact that you’re doing all these awesome games on your own is very inspiring. It’s a simple game, but addicting to some people. I’ll say more in the description on-site.

  • That wasn’t a very well organized post. Whoops.

  • Duskling

    When should we be expecting this demo to be complete and ready-to-download?