April 1, 2011

New TSoG Character Announced!

I’m pleased to announce a brand-new character for Telepath RPG: Servants of God. Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to include a new Easter Egg character (and I do mean egg): Buh’Baque the Ravinale Chicken.


Buh’Baque is a psychic rooster with a mysterious past. Where do his powers come from? Why does he hate the Cult? What is that unusual, egg-shaped orb he sits on at night? Why does he always have to wake everyone up at 5 AM? To find out, you’ll have to play Telepath RPG: Servants of God and get him into your party!

  • Bugfartboy

    Okay. Craig. I officially love you. But more like an amazing pet goldfish than anything else. Buh’ Baque has finally made it in game!!!

  • Bugfartboy

    Just saw the April Fools tag. Now I feel stupid.

  • Idozen Cair

    For real? Congrats Zack!

  • TheWanderingShadow

    Hmmm… So is he really going to be in the game, or what? Can’t tell because of the April Fools day tag.

  • Idozen Cair

    Wait…April Fools?!nn*facepalm*

  • Fool

    It would be hilarious if he actually was in the game through a confusing obscure sidequest, but everyone assumed it was an April Fool’s joke so they don’t bother to look for him.nnThen a year later, Craig can be all “So hey guys remember that April Fool’s joke? He’s actually in the game.” And then everyone would start frantically playing TSoG to find him. XD

  • Cdpdino

    Ha didn’t fall for it this time Craig nice April fools.nn

  • Coolieson2003

    Last Years was better i love the nerf joke you had folks really going on it


    Fool’s Idea actually seems quite brilliant…

  • SiPhaman1413

    You should actually add this sometime, so that you could double fool people. Plus, it’s so random, its funny!

  • Robin Stogwell

    This is quite funny