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True Messiah February 2016 update

Hey there, strategy game fans! As it’s been three months since the last big update, I figured I’d pop on here and tell you all how True Messiah is shaping up. In a word: excellently! Cards Since I last wrote, 100% of True Messiah’s card art has been completed! As…

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New True Messiah Card Art!

Hey folks! Just a quick update on True Messiah here. Progress is continuing nicely; True Messiah now has a proper home page, as well as a page on BoardGameGeek. True Messiah’s card art is now nearly complete, with 34 of the game’s 40 unique card types fully illustrated, the card…

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Announcing True Messiah

Hello everyone! I’m pleased as punch to announce Sinister Design’s very first board game–True Messiah, a game of cult warfare. Whoa, wait–a board game?! Yup! Here’s the premise: It is the near future; Earth. Years ago, scientists successfully constructed the Belief Engine, a machine that warps reality based on peoples’…

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