April 1, 2010

Telepath RPG now Nerf RPG!

I just received an email last night from Hasbro–apparently, I’ve been approved for a generous corporate grant to continue designing games full-time! In exchange, I need to do a little re-tooling of the Telepath RPG series. From now on, these games are Nerf RPG.


Most of the changes will be purely cosmetic. For instance, instead of using Mind Blast, characters will now shoot each other with Nerf darts. Also, instead of Scanning, characters will now beat each other with Nerf swords until they reveal what they’re thinking.

I know this might seem a little weird, and possibly a little “lame,” but trust me: this is going to be just fine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a dip in my new swimming pool filled with money.

  • Dorgon 5000

    What?! This is blasphemy! Swimming pool filled with money? You´re just like those big game companies you´ve been talking so bad about, this is not about making games, it´s just about money! TRPG2 is holy, for god´s sake! It can´t be changed at this way!

  • Edbob

    April Fools joke, definitely. If this actually happened, I would never forgive you.

  • johnnyrider

    I must say I agee with Dorgon… This is a risk and could changes things for some of your fans, but hey you have been always looking out for your art.

    P.S. Glad to hear your getting big corporate recognition.

  • im2smart4u

    On April 1st? Really? I am not a April Fool.

  • aaron

    if this isn’t an april fool’s day joke you are just another sell out

  • O’Connell


    I’m sorry, but as for you guys who believe this, that is even funnier than the joke.

  • Riku

    if this isint an april fools joke than u are a jack*** telepath is the best game ever dont taint it with nerf crap

  • Rainen

    i have one question, WHY NERF… why not something remotely close to telepath? like some magic company or google…

  • cstern

    Because: it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny that way. 😛

  • Dorgon 5000

    It´s an april fools joke? You scared the shit of me!

  • Rainen

    look at the tags lol its the first one XD

  • Mopman

    if I thought for one second that you were serious about this, i wouldve hunted you down and started taking potshots with dorgons laser. The target? the apple hanging in front of your face.

  • Duskling

    Yes, it’s an April Fools joke guys, although I fear that the Creator may have lost some fans with that joke…

  • cstern

    I should hope not! Joking about this sort of thing on April Fools’ Day is an indie tradition. I hate to think how people would’ve reacted if I’d gone as far as Wolfire did last year:


  • Duskling

    Some people don’t understand these things at first glance, even I thought that this was for reals so I wanted to try it out, however, I was very relieved when I found out it wasn’t.

  • Dorgon 5000

    Wolfire? Who is that?

  • Dorgon 5000

    I mean, what did they do?

  • Mopman

    he said that they wouuld be stopping production of overgrowth(game hes working on) because of marketing reasons in favor of small tanks, a game where you control doll-like 3-d figures driving tanks, shooting nazi grunts who all look alike. you can see the fans reactions from this.

  • Zhampir

    lol, I knew you would never do such a thing.^^

  • mageus07

    I do love the idea of beating the info out of targets with the nerf sword

  • harry

    i was scared

  • Cool_hum

    Awww it would have been fun hitting them with a nerf sword :(.

  • lolorcaust

    my buddy showed me this and didnt see the april fools day tag so i called him a idiot punched him.

    nice joke though

  • Darklord

    this game rule