February 27, 2012

Telepath RPG: Servants of God Soundtrack out

I spent this weekend remixing and arranging all of the music contained in Telepath RPG: Servants of God into an album. The soundtrack tops out at 30 tracks, with a play time of just over an hour and ten minutes. That surprised me a little. I wrote all these tracks bit by bit over the course of several years, so it wasn’t until I put it all together that I realized just how much of it there was.

The sound quality of these versions is actually higher than what you hear in the game, and a few of them feature special arrangements. I’ve decided to make the album pay-what-you-want (the minimum is $2.99). Feel free to contribute however much it’s worth to you.

  • Dan

    Craig, I’m trying to buy the soundtrack because I really like the music of this game but my PNC gift card doesn’t seem to register correctly. I’ve had┬áthis kind of issue in the past with steam but manually entering the information always worked but the site your using doesn’t accept my information, I’ve put it multiple times, and I checked the balance┬ábut I think the issue is with PNC and Bandcamp. I’ll see if I can convince my parents to use their PayPal. It’s not a big deal and I will still try to buy it but it’s just inconveinent.

    Thx, Dan

  • CraigStern

    Hey Dan! I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I literally just started using Bandcamp, so I’m not sure if this is part of their policy or just a technical issue on their end. They’d be the ones to ask, though. Here’s their email: support@bandcamp.com

  • Fool

    …Huh. For some reason, the music won’t play from the Bandcamp site. It did before, but now clicking the “play” button does nothing, and the individual tracks are missing play buttons as well. Is this intentional?

  • Fool

    Ah, nevermind, looks like it was a bug with Google Chrome. It works now.