August 1, 2010

TSoG at the 3G Expo!

Hey folks! I’ve gotten official go-ahead to present Telepath RPG: Servants of God at the 3G Expo and Game Design Challenge going on in downtown Chicago in two weeks.

This free event invites the public to play gender inclusive games produced by women and girl game designers and other leading Chicago game companies. Participants will view the actual prototypes developed by five teams of fifty girls created during the workshops and have a chance to vote on prize-winning designs. One prototype will be chosen to be developed into an actual playable game by Seniors in the Department of Interactive Arts and Media at Columbia College.

I’ll be there on Sunday the 15th with a table and three computers, all of them loaded up with the latest version of TSoG. Come stop by and say hello if you’re in Chicago!

  • Callum

    not going to be there D: but good luck at that

  • .:Light-God:.

    Good Luck at Chicago!

  • Abahaty

    hope it goes well your games deserve togive you world domination.
    Go on jesusninja!

  • brainwaves

    only if your willing to pay for the flight cost from Sydney, Australia and back and the cost of staying there for the Expo

  • CraigStern

    Hence, the “if you're in Chicago” disclaimer. 😛

  • Question Mark

    Didn't know game designing was so male-dominated as to have such events.

  • Mr.BugFartMan

    Good luck. Let TSoG dominate the globe!!!

  • Lukas Fest

    Hey, congratulations craig

  • Sianator

    Whoa………. Craig's a girl?

  • Sianator

    Oh nevermind…….. I read that the wrong way.

  • Swordsmanjax

    Dude, I wish I could come to Chicago, but I can't afford the trip, plus adding my work in college. Hope you get a reward!

  • CraigStern

    I think I fit in under the “and other leading Chicago game companies” category. 😉

  • brainwaves

    i think getting there would cost me a few gs i dont have

  • Brains.