April 7, 2011

TSoG final boss music is here!

The final boss music for Telepath RPG: Servants of God has been…uh…finalized. I’ve made the track available on Youtube for those of you curious to hear it and unafraid of having portions of the game spoiled for you.

Speaking of which: SPOILERS AHEAD.

  • Dean_Lukas

    Wow, that’s an epic track. I like how it hints at the music we’re familiar with as players of the series, but is also distinctly new. The vocals help a lot in that aspect. nnBy spoilers I assume you mean the name of the video? I did pretty much see that one coming, though…

  • Fool

    Gah spoilers! D: You could have mentioned it was the title we were supposed to look out for…oh well, I was personally expecting something else to be the final boss, but I agree that this is pretty easy to see coming as well…

  • Idozen Cair

    It bears very heavy resemblance to the Nelis battle music, yet with traces of other tracks from TRPG2. Well Done!nnThough I think that maybe the mood is too, um, well, I thought of boss music to be faster and more exciting, like Fight for Your Life. In my opinion, this piece would be quite suited to the Crypts, instead of being the Final Boss. No offense.nnSuggestions:n1. Add in more parts of the Nelis battle music.n2. Boost the speed a bit, especially at the Nelis part.

  • Bugfartboy

    Very well done. But what more can we expect from a musical computer genius. I’m so proud of you!!! :3 :p :DnnBut really, well done. I love how you sorta tied all sorts of boss music together and made something new, as well as built around it all to create another masterpiece. Two thumbs up.

  • Headshot

    Super epic, as it has alot of good parts, such as the previous TRPG games final boss music. Superly Divine at the start of the song, and I love the Choir that starts at about 2:06. I loved all of the Nelis parts. P.S. How do you make this music so divine and epic (including the choir)?

  • Richardliu

    This is so awesome! It is so moving to me. It is even better than the Telepath RPG 2 one.<.<