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As you can see, I cannot walk through the NE 2x door despite it being open.
Just finished Coria Bridge.  After the bridge itself was clear I decided to engineer my way up to Ebon's location.  When I got close I realized he was already "dead" with all his stuff in a bag.  I'm guessing after the engineer blew up the charge he was programmed to retreat, but it seemed odd to get all that free stuff out of the deal.

Some of the paths over the wooden or stone bridge refused to show the blue movement range despite letting me walk on/across them if I clicked.  At least this time around I ensured the elevations were all the same.

While i had the two Striders walking up my giant bridge to Ebon's cliff, I moved Sabrina, did not attack with her, then moved Emma to her and Casted Motivate.  I was expecting Motivate to give Sabrina back full movement range, but since she was not in "post attack" state it did nothing.

I get a lot more logs than the ones I generate by pressing L.  What triggers their automatic creation?

Plated Boots have Durability?  Most armor doesn't.

Inventory weirdness is still happening.  When shopping in town before the Dogs fight I ran into multiple instances of equipping armor unequipping weapons, equipping boots unequipping helmets (but letting me equip both boot and helmet a second later), and multiple weapons (Lances on Scarlet) all appeared equipped at once.  Some consumables were even marked equipped with the tooltip "Equip to triggered".

Using f12 to generate screenshots tends not to set a file extension (needs .jpg on end) during the manual location save popup. 

In Ebon Raban's bridge fight, I blasted a hole in the bridge by the spike barriers, then had my engineer place new bridges while flying with the hoverpack.  This made the bridges height 0 instead of height 3 to connect to the ground it was adjacent too.  This caused the aforementioned weird movements.

Telepath Tactics (2015) / Modder's Q&A thread
May 19, 2015, 08:46:31 AM
I was thinking it'd be great to have a resource thread for questions future modders might have that haven't been covered in tutorials yet.

The Feedback attack does damage based on lost HP, but I don't see where in the XML file for attacks that logic exists.  Can you explain that?
Now the great thing about this game is I can change the below if I really don't like it; but I thought I'd bring up a discussion anyway:

Bandits- Axe wielding Heavy Melee, cannot wear Helmets or Chain Mail, just Leather Armor.
Crossbowers- can wear helmets and leather armor- more than Bowman (buy design) who can wear Leather armor but no helmet.
Psychic mages- can wear leather armor, no helmets
Assassins and Engineers- cannot wear any armor.

Let's just say I'm surprised Bandits and Assassins don't get more defense being so in the thick of things, and am surprised Engineers are sitting ducks defense wise compared to "everyone".  You'd think they'd at least wear some Kevler-like vests versus arrows. 
1. I could not right click stat view on Emma/Sabrina during deployment, though I could rearrange their start position.
2. Many of the roster spots refused to allow me to switch out units.  I got an error sound but no message trying to replace, for instance, Lakshmi with Teresa, only to later be able to remove Lakshmi after rearranging her within the deployment zone.  Nothing consistent though.  Also it seemed like the squares that would accept roster squares did so when I wasn't really moused over them, like as if the event detection on my mouse was disjointed with the map's visuals.
3.  Hitting the L button only once, I got like 10 log files in the same second.  Some of them are attached, plus one that occurred about 10 minutes after the batch of 10.  Include a renamed to TXT file savegame.

The stab special attack has base damage 10, yet repeatedly "previews" and "does" 10 damage on sidestab while it's tooltip says it should be stronger.  In contrast, regular attacks does base damage 8, and 10 on sidestabs.

Log attached.
1. When the mission starts, the deployment area is always partially obscured by the Roster window.  Since the Roster window doesn't float like the command window you have to do a lot of wonky scrolling just to deploy the units you want.

2. The AI refuses to destroy bushes despite the ease it'd be to pass and the fact that I'm range bombing them to death.  Now I'm guessing the level would be too hard if everything aggressively bushwacked the terrain for us, but once they've come under fire, it seems like they could go from passive to aggressive to enraged, the last state would destroy non-player terrain if there's no valid path to targets.

3. Even if they couldn't destroy the terrain, they foolishly kept their melee in front and in firing range, keeping their own ranged units from counterattacking successfully.  Some kind of "Flee bombardment" behavior would make the AI more human.
Igor's Drawbridge battle, I use a bomb to blast the enemies bridge, but of course I had made my own bridge just off to the right side.  The enemy starts pursuing Emma on my bridge but no humans are in range.  Since I made the bridge, they decide to start breaking it, ensuring that I'll be able to make a clean getaway.  Not exactly a bug, but an edge case where the AI destroying player made objects is not something that a player would do and counteracts their primary mission of Killing Emma or Sabina
Telepath Tactics (2015) / Non combatant in Roster
April 29, 2015, 08:31:11 AM
I saved Meridian.  Now she's in my roster during battle select.  However it looks like she has no stats other than being Level 1, even when I right click her.  Am I right in thinking I'm not suppose to try and use her?
Telepath Tactics (2015) / No selling old gear?
April 29, 2015, 01:15:28 AM
On the singleplayer campaign, I tried to sell some old rusty swords I didn't plan to use.  There was no option.  Didn't see anything in the manual about selling either.  Am I correct in thinking the engine doesn't support it, or just not the default campaign?
One of the Sisters had a Rusty Sword equipped, I told her to drop it to the inventory without un-equipping it.  After that, I could not equip any weapon with her (Popup menu did not respond when I clicked equip on her new Iron sword) until I re-added the Rusty sword back to her bag, which auto-equipped.