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King of the hill

Started by Mopman, February 04, 2010, 02:43:06 PM

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I go crazy with guns and shoot in all the directions (except shooting myself) it hits everyone even the people with a bulletproof vest. My Hill.


Considering I am constantly shielded, bullets have little effect, other than tickling me. I crush you into a small ball and punt you into space.

I very much doubt bullets effected rainen, either, so...



I am a necromancer! YOU CAN'T TRAP ME! Oh wait... I guess you can. Damn. But I still have my magic! You have angered the master of the damned! YOU SHALL KNOW FEAR! I conjure the forces of death and decay to rain over the universe. Dismay and doom are the only future this world shall ever know! You are incapable of stopping me, as your invincible trap is also an invincible fortress! As sorrow and pain overcomes the universe, a loyal following begins to form. In return for mercy from my unending rage they have agree'd to aid me in taking the ever important hill. One of my minions, disguised as a mail man, manages to procure your signatures. Afterward another of my minions, a lawyer of great reknown, writes up a contract. And finally a con man of amazing prowess, uses his masterful signature forging abilities to copy your signatures. I have several teams of servants acting as witnesses, forging videos, and bribing necessary officials. All courts recognize this contract, and while I may be physically imprisoned, legally, the hill is MINE! MWHAHAHAHAHA! .... I'll give it back if you get me out of here. Please? ... Its so lonely.


I crush the governments of the world and declare myself ruler, taking the hill (And sharing it with rainen; no use stirring up unnecessary conflict) and imprisoning you in a maximum security prison. You are restrained via straight-jacket, and place in the a field full of animals and flowers, contained within the prison. Surrounded by so much life, the 'Master of the damned' loses his sanity.

Mine and Rainen's hill.

Steel Ersatz Man

I convince Rainen that you're evil and not worthy of the hill so he gives me his powers then I kill the now powerless Rainen and rule the hill with and iron fist, killing you in the process.
We are the steel alliance. None shall take our hill!


But you step up no defenses so I stab you in your sleep (anyone else getting deja vu?) and make an army of Spriggats and Spirit Strill guard me with their lives, and spend them to revive me if need be.


I get an army of snipers with guns that shoot teleporting bullets, shoot all your guards, get my grandpa to sing which turns you deaf, then come up right behind you and push you off the hill.

My hill!


Ersatz man. Number 1, being roughly as powerful as rainen, I doubt he could kill me with ease you did, even he and I staged the entire thing. He gave you a token amount of power, we pretended to be vanquished, and allowed you to be the one to take the fall. We simply stroll onto the hill and turn cypher27, his army and his Grandpa into ash, which we teleport to the heart of a imploding star. We then claim the hill. Our hill. Since we don't really need defences, being nigh invincible, we leave it at that.



Having been alerted of the hill by SPC-343, I send in Mobile Task Force Omega-7 to supervise the deployment of SPC-682 to the hill.


Destroying the attackers with a wave of my hand, I realise; you never claimed the hill.


I obtain the power of ordan(good series by the way) and command you to give me the hill. My hill.


I give you the hill. And destroy you a second later, reclaiming the hill.

My hill (And rainens).


my brother creates a time machine and gets me back, and I recruit the Matrix team to destroy you then I get them to hack into the Matrix so you are erased from the memory.I share the hill with Zhampir,jojolagger and Duskling.( I propose an alliance with them.


Agreed. Unless anyone else allied protests, the hill will be transported to the secure location known as site 62.
Our hill, you can't have it.


I'm glad you accepted the alliance. ;)