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Bridge Glitch when escaping the prison

Started by Senteria, April 23, 2015, 09:46:38 AM

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So I have found a glitch which another person also confirms.

In one of the missions you have to rescue your party members, but you have to build a bridge to do so. Now I made this bridge and I put my golem on the bridge blocking the enemies from passing through (and wiping them out in the process)
After some time they will lower their own stone bridge. This caused my characters that were standing on the bridge -350 damage. Yet they were still alive somehow. Their health bar became huge in the minus. I tested healing them (which is stupid to do but I wanted to for testing purposes) and upon healing, they died.

Moreover the bridge that fell down was only partially made. Tiles on which my characters stood were still made out of wood. That's not all because the AI glitched out and started shooting the wooden part of the brdige, thinking my character was still there, or perhaps they saw it as an obstacle. They kept firing at it until the wooden bridge tile broke and water underneath was shown. Other enemies that were stuck on the other side of the bridge just walked around not knowing what to do. All of them stopped trying to do anything on the bridge or progressing past the bridge once the wooden tile became water.

I do have to note I made obstacles on that bridge as well to prevent them from following my characters.


Yup! I actually fixed this bug yesterday. It'll be in the version 1.02 update. :)


Quote from: CraigStern on April 23, 2015, 11:51:25 AM
Yup! I actually fixed this bug yesterday. It'll be in the version 1.02 update. :)

Sweet. Well I 'cheated' my way through this I guess. :D


I did the golem on the bridge thing too, thinking I was being clever... but then they shoved my golem in the water and broke my bridge.


Rather than make a new topic I'll just hijack this one -- the -350 HP bridge bug is still present in v1.3.