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Started by RaijinKnight, April 28, 2015, 02:26:05 AM

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Hey, so as promised, a feed for all your challenges. Do note that I will be doing this with a new game and recording each map. So if you have anything you'd like to see done (wipe the Rescuing Meridian scenario for example) post it here and I'll see if I can get you a replay or something :)


How about a mastery system as in Super Robot Wars? In those games, you get additional mission goals (such as completing the map in a certain number of turns) that grant you a mastery point if you fulfill it. Having more makes the game harder but also grants you special rewards late in the game.


If I'm understanding you correctly, that involves modding the game (and extreme modding at that) although, you could mod the mastery points in as items that would drop if you say, killed a certain character? Besides the point.

What I meant (mean) is that the challenges are things like, someone says they want to know if it is possible to do the Rescue Meridian stage by killing the map. Then i do it, and post the replay. (Yes, I do realize how egotistical this makes me sound) So, to reduce the ego rush, anyone else can obviously also do it and post links to replays in this thread. There's always more than one way to skin a cat, and always more than one way to do the impossible.

LightningLord2 I hope something like this happens in that mission if you win by rout.


I'll see about uploading the Meridian video tonight. (Finally got a screen capturing program to work on my PC)

And I've routed the map, but alas, no such special items. (Or awesome cut scenes)


Okay so as a test, I'm uploading a replay of the Tavern fight. Please comment. Will post the link as soon as it's finished uploading (twoish hours from now). Don't worry, no commentary by me. No audio at all, so keep yourself entertained with your own music :P Will start uploading the Meridian one sometime tonight.



Finally found out why the Rescue Meridian scenario was so easy for me the first time. For some or other reason the whole map didn't move to attack me, only the newly arrived, high level troops. Finished the scenario after a few attempts though, but lost quite a few people. Going to see if I can't do it without losing less before uploading the replay.


Happening again (I think) I'll finish the map and post the replay. Won't "technically" finish it, as I do want to replay it, to beat them when they come after you instead of just each group waiting to be slaughtered on their own.


Omg! I just beat the Rescue Meridian mission by killing everything then rescuing her, without any casualties, or even anyone close to dying :DDDDD (Well, one exception; Gavrielle almost died to a bow counterattack)

This was also with the whole map after me at once.

I have it recorded, but it's a beast of a video (Just under 2 hours long [the longer you play a mission, the laggier it seems to get for some reason- memory leak?], and is ~125GB lol). I'll upload it as soon as I can, and post it here. I just love the tactics available in this game. The general premise I used was holding up at the bridge, and using the water very very effectively, especially with an amazing combo by Louise and Emma to deal with the lv 16 Pyrokineticist.

One other thing that helped considerably is one thing I learned during this mission: If one character makes an attack which makes them level up, they can both move a couple more spaces afterwards and still make another attack. In one case, I had my crossbowman get FOUR attacks in one turn (one of the extra attacks from Motivate) because of her finishing off low health, high level enemies. Emma MVP this mission with her Motivate ability. [Edit: Oh, turns out that leveling extra attacks were a bug and are going to be fixed in the next patch; oh well]

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