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A new engine!

Started by CraigStern, June 05, 2016, 05:39:11 PM

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-- you can now select a default facial expression for your character in a sub-window of the portrait editor. (Mousing over each expression preview for you what it'll look like in the current portrait.)

-- began working on a new "campaign editor" scene. You can now create a new campaign and name it, and the game will create a subdirectory with that name within Documents\My Games\Telepath Tourney\Custom Campaigns. (Needless to say, this will be where the game stores the characters and maps you create for said campaign)

-- fixed some of the portrait scaling and positioning data for female hair type 13, which wasn't quite lining up with the scalp line of certain female human head shapes.

-- adjusted the chances of having a growth greater than 1 in randomly chosen supplemental growths.


-- added buttons to the campaign editor page linking to the Map Editor and Character Creator.

-- the character editor now has a window where you assign the character their starting skills, masteries, and tags, as well as their progression in skills, masteries, and tags as they reach particular levels. (There is a button to generate these things procedurally to get you started with an example for a unit of that class and level.)

-- the character editor now has a button to randomly generate a name on the character naming screen.

-- updated the "step backwards" function in the character creator to accommodate all the new windows. The game now tracks when you go backwards and update a character's class, species, or gender, then sets a flag to generate a new, appropriate portrait upon your return to the portrait window; but otherwise, it will leave your chosen portrait alone after you set one.


-- gave extensive feedback on dialogue to writer.


-- when creating a new campaign, the game now copies a default Items.xml into the campaign's folder.

-- the game then successfully loads the custom campaign's Items.xml file, and uses it as the official item reference when creating characters for that campaign. (See below.)

-- the character editor now has a window where you assign the character their starting inventory and equipment, as well as any counterattacks. The game automatically checks to make sure the items listed are actual items that exist in Items.xml--it will display an error naming the missing item if it is not found.


-- the new campaign window now checks for forbidden characters in the campaign name, and returns an error if yours contains one. (Or if you try to proceed without naming your campaign. Or if your chosen campaign already exists.)

-- the game now has an Open Campaign window in the campaign editor, which it auto-populates with the folders it detects in your Custom Campaigns folder. You can now select one to actually switch the active campaign you're editing.


-- organized the game into proper day-night cycles. At the start of each day, you can partake in one activity (shopping, recruitment, or fighting), at which point it transitions to night. When the night ends, the next day starts.

-- fixed a bug in nighttime when checking respective familiarity values between characters.

-- fixed a bug in nighttime where the game would sometimes lock up trying to perform paired group activities with characters that had not exchanged greetings with any other characters in the game.


-- gave extensive feedback on dialogue to writer.

-- wrote some more character dialogue myself.


-- the stats window in the character creator now has a utility to automatically generate stats appropriate for the character at a given level, simulating a possible progression using their actual stat growths. (You can then go and hand-edit from there.)

-- on the stats window in the character creator, you can now hold Shift to increase or decrease a stat by 5 at a time (instead of just 1 at a time).

-- the character creator now has an attack barks window where you can write up to 3 different attack barks for your character. (There is also a button you can use to have the game automatically generate attack barks for you, from 2 randomly chosen personality types.)

-- bumped the number of attack barks that characters are generated with up from 2 to 3.

-- wrote some new attack barks; assigned all attack barks distinct IDs.


-- the class selection window in character creator now restricts class selection to those classes normally available to characters of a given species. (Note that you can always go back and change this by hand in the XML file later if you're determined to have an unusual, unsupported class for a given character--but for the sort of modders who want to dabble without really getting into the proverbial weeds, this will prevent unintended issues!)

-- there is now a button in the portrait editor window in the character creator to toggle on generic portraits, for when you're creating generalized enemy unit types (e.g. Bloodbeard's Bandit, Bloodbeard's Bowman, etc.) whom you want to be visually distinguishable from unique characters.

-- the character creator now has a victory barks window where you can write up to 3 different victory barks for your character. (There is also a button you can use to have the game automatically generate victory barks for you, from 2 randomly chosen personality types.)

-- wrote some new defeat and deployment barks; assigned all defeat barks, victory barks and deployment barks distinct IDs.


-- created a basic title screen complete with buttons that quit the game, go to the campaign editor, open a window that lets you start a new game, or open a window showing saved game files to load.

-- the title screen will now detect if any custom campaigns exist--if any exist, they will be added to the campaign selection in the new game menu. (Otherwise, the game will only display the default campaign.)

-- new games can now be started in any save slot (from 0 to 99) via the new game window in the title screen.

-- the title screen will detect if any save files exist; if none exist, the game will gray out the load game button and block access to the Load Game menu.

-- saved games now store the date and time when they were last saved.

-- saved games can now be loaded via the load game window in the title screen.

-- the game now prevents the player from visiting the Arena if they have no characters on their team; it grays out the button and directs them to visit the recruitment office instead.

-- the game now warns the player if they try to visit the Arena with less than 4 characters on their team; but allows them to continue anyway if they want (just so long as they have at least 1 character).

-- the options menu in battle (and the campaign editor) now both have buttons that allow you to quit to the title screen.

-- added the options menu into the daytime scene.

-- fixed a bug in which the game would sometimes fail to select a class for lissit characters.

-- fixed a bug that was causing the game to miss portrait data for unique characters in the main campaign.


-- created a narration screen for cut scenes. It can display animated frame-based narration (i.e. not the scrolling kind just yet) as well as dialogue, and can run scripts. Narration can be advanced both by clicking and by hitting the Esc key.

-- game can now parse narration in the XML files for cut scenes. (Changes from TT: Individual "frames" within a static cut scene are now delimited by single bars (|) instead of double forward slashes (//); the info inside -DIA:- is now the conversation ID of the dialogue to be triggered rather than a trigger.)

-- when loading a new scene, the game now checks ahead to see if a scene is actually a cut scene instead of a battle, then if so, proceeds to the narration screen for cut scenes.

-- rewrote the XML loading code so that the game now flexibly loads from either within the game or outside the game, depending on whether the current campaign is a baked-in campaign or a custom (player-created) campaign.

-- added support for the NextScene reply action in dialogue.

-- implemented new script actions SetFood and SetAura, each with one parameter: an operator and an amount delimited by a colon. These, for instance, will set the player's aura and food to 2500 and 100, respectively:


-- fixed a bug in which Unity would sometimes add invisible white space to script names, preventing it from recognizing when scripts were being called by a Run action in dialogue.


-- the game now automatically loads Introduction.xml for a given campaign when the player starts that campaign.

-- added support for -PIC:- to cut scenes, allowing you to change the background behind the text (e.g. -PIC:Ship- to have a picture of the deck of a ship appear behind the text).

-- created an Introduction.xml cut scene for the new campaign.

-- created a default Introduction.xml cut scene for player-created custom campaigns.

-- when creating a new campaign in the map editor, it now creates the appropriate Maps subfolder for said campaign and sticks a copy of the default Introduction.xml in there.

-- the game now grays out the map and character editor buttons in the campaign editor (and won't let you click them) until you've started a new campaign or chosen an existing campaign to edit.

-- folded the Neat personality trait into Compulsive, as it overlapped Compulsive enough in practice as to make it useless as a distinct trait.

-- wrote new heal and build barks; assigned all teach lines, nickname lines, heal barks and build barks distinct IDs.


-- clicking while narration text is still animating in a static cut scene now makes the text automatically complete instead of advancing the frame; clicking will advance the frame only once the text has completed animating.

-- clicking the final frame in a static cut scene now automatically advances the game to the next scene (the one specified in nextbattle).

-- fixed a bug in the game's save system that was preventing files from loading correctly.

-- fixed the timing of heal barks in battle; they now occur just prior to healing an ally, as opposed to afterwards.

-- recruits are now automatically generated when you visit the recruitment office (as opposed to waiting for a button click).

-- updated the scaling and positioning of the options menu canvas in the daytime scene.

-- added an Exit button to the map editor, which takes you back to the campaign editor.

-- the campaign editor now remembers the currently selected custom campaign whenever you return from creating new characters or maps.

-- fixed certain text field dimensions in the New Game window and the Stats Editor window so they'll display correctly on different resolution monitors.

-- fixed a setting that was causing the campaign editor to play music upon opening.


-- integrated writer's new greeting lines into the game; greeting dialogue is now complete.


-- the character creator now has deployment bark, heal bark, build bark, and defeat bark windows where you can write the associated dialogue for your character. (Each window has a button you can use to have the game automatically generate some dialogue for you.)

-- the character creator now checks to make sure that all of the skills given to a character in both their skills and skill progression actually appear in Attacks.xml, and throws an error if they don't.

-- the character creator now has a visible "back" button which you can use instead of hitting Escape.

-- you can now cancel all the way back through the steps of character creation from the end to the beginning.

-- after getting through the defeat barks window, the game now shows you a character screen where you can review your character's information.

-- premade units now support pre-written combat barks saved right into their XML tags using the following attributes:

  • deployment barks - depBarks=""
  • attack barks - atkBarks=""
  • heal barks - healBarks=""
  • build barks - buildBarks=""
  • victory barks - vicBarks=""
  • defeat barks - defBarks=""

If editing the XML directly, make sure the individual lines within each XML attribute are delimited using a forward slash:

Quote<u category="character" is3D="false" name="Emma/Strider" loadID="Emma/Strider" spriteSet="Swordsman_Female" defaultSkillAnim="Motivate" portrait="Emma Strider" race="Human" sex="Female" charClass="Hero" moveType="Land" counterAttacks="Sword" masteries="Sword/Main Gauche/Light Armor/Small Shield" stats="Health,33/Energy,8/Speed,5/Counter Limit,1/Strength,3/Psy,1" tags="Promotable" statGrowths="Health,5/Energy,2/Counter Limit,2/Reflexes,1/Dodge,2/Strength,4/Pierce Res.,1/Slash Res.,2/Crush Res.,2" skillProgression="2,Sprint/3,Shove/3,Pull/4,Medium Armor Mastery/5,Motivate/7,Feint/10,Rapier Mastery/14,Double Strike" vicBarks="And stay down!/You deserved that./We're done here./That's enough out of you./Mess with my family? You'll have to go through me first."></u>

-- wrote some new attack and victory lines, and consolidated some existing ones as internal variations.

-- updated the "Exit to Campaign Editor" button in the character creator to match the one in the map editor.

-- fixed issues with generic golem and shadowling portrait scaling/positioning.

-- fixed an annoying graphical glitch with menu pop-up animations.