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Started by Zhampir, March 12, 2010, 04:40:52 AM

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perhaps a gold reduction based on the amount of times undo is used? or a gold reduction for how many turns the mission lasts (this would not be included on missions where survival is the only real option (i.e. arman's taunt)


Again, I think that can be a self-imposed limit: simply spend no more than X amount of gold per battle. Or keep a tally of how many times you used the undo button.
There was a user who played through TRPG2 with using only the initial 3 teammates and the Main, playing through each battle only once, and not resorting to gold farming- that was quite a well-crafted player challenge.
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I'm just curious: how many of you looking for a more challenging Brutal experience play with Friendly Fire on?


I was thinking more about 'limited' brutal play. As Brutal already pushes the limits on how difficult the opening battles can be, I was thinking more on the lines of no GUI, Friendly Fire, no Undo button, no Rotate button Brutal, which would be absolutely difficult to play in.


Quote from: CraigStern on March 19, 2010, 01:08:43 AM
I'm just curious: how many of you looking for a more challenging Brutal experience play with Friendly Fire on?
The ability to farm for gold (in random battles) allows a player to grind, therefore lowering the difficulty.
Is it too hard to limit to 1 random battle? This means that, only on brutal, you can't repeat any battle. For example: you can only beat once the guards called by the beggar - the next time he would be too scared to talk to you; and you could only play cards a limited number of times (say 10 times), after that, Ali says that he lost (or took) too much money to (or from) you and he don't wish to play with you no more.
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Dorgon 5000

I think it should be at that way at all difficulties. Allowing grinding is good for novice players, but unlimited grinding would kill the challange. Grinding should be a way to easy up the game, not something that could replace player skills.

Dorgon 5000

By the way, what is friendly fire?


When friendly fire is on, you must be more careful in order not to hit your team mates, in particular when you use area attacks.

In the lower difficulty levels, I think that the players could grind. This way, even the less skilled can have a chance to play through the entire game.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.

Stephen Colbert

Quote from: KZYou know, I honestly don't believe Craig will have time to invest into doing this extra difficulty. The AI part is quite important, so making it better might come into play for the main TSoG build. Otherwise, I have a very simple, yet effective option: if you find all the difficulties too easy, go and minimize the GUI, play on Brutal, and never maximise it. I was forced to do that once for battle with Nelis on brutal- that was evil. The difficulty goes sky-high staright away. And as im2msart4u rightly put it: not using certain buttons, timing, other self-limitations can easily be imposed by the player and can test his/her strength of character- if the player cheats, then they'll simply be punishing themsleves, and no one else.

It is the game developer's responsibility to set restrictions, not the player. You can't just expect everyone wanting tougher play to restrict themselves. However, if the dev sets a higher difficulty, players will be alerted to its existence and feel prompted to play it.

Idozen Cair

I personally would like Weaknessess, but unlike the way Zhampir put it. eg:
Red Spriggat: Cold weakness - +5 damage
Shadowling: Light weakness - +5 Damage

I detest damage over time. Bluffs are not the way to Telepath.

Timer? NO! If you suddenly have a tightening feeling on your bladder, then you'd lose the battle NOT beacuse of bad strategy or bad playing.

Different strategy every time? Makes it too hard if you're struggling with a hard boss.
I doesn't care, do I?


No matter what strategy the AI uses, I move based on how far they CAN go, not how far they will, so I never get hit until I move into an engagement in formation, where enemies cannot simply surround my players.


I'd like to see something more be done with character death, especially on harder difficulties. The 'emotional reaction' is a good start, but I feel it could lead to people letting characters die just for a temporary bonus. I would like to see some kind of permanent penalty associated with death. In the current game, as with TRPG2, death simply means 'woops, we'll get them back in a few minutes'. I'd like to see reductions to pay power/defense/strength as a result of death, and maybe lock up the more powerful skills for a few battles after a character dies. (They have to get used to their body again, or some other excuse)


I agree that dead may bring a(n even if small) penalty to the stats.
And (paid) training could bring everything back to normal, assuming that you're in a place where you can train...
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.