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No I haven't but yes it would make for a good ending but not to the game maybe to the third or second last mission so that you can't use that character during the final boss fight!

I hope its not a important one.

Idozen Cair:

--- Quote from: Duskling on June 13, 2010, 12:14:06 AM ---Duvalier: After the threat of the Cult was eliminated, he thought he could have a peaceful life (with his new wife, Rahel Duvalier, if she survives), but things are never as they seem, as a new threat arose in the farther reaches of Cera Bella...

--- End quote ---
I'm not challenging you, but why would Rahel marry Duvalier? Hehe I think it would be an very interesting reason...

You can try to start up a romance with her.

I like where there is a vague reference of the Team's future.  That way there is some hint of their future, while most is left to speculation of the gamer.  Criag did a good job with TRPG2.  For example: We know that Guy and Anya become successful in the future with the epilogue, while allowing us to speculate on a possibble relationship between the two.


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